Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher

My cat Ellie climbs and scratches on just about everything. Everywhere I turn, she is clawing at something. This new Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher was too cute to pass up! This scratcher fits perfectly underneath a table- adjusting perfectly anywhere from 26″ to 30.5″ by twisting the base. Since we didn’t have a lot of room to place a large scratching post, this table tower was the perfect space saver! It was extremely easy to install, and Ellie was trying to play with it before I even had it completely set up! The top part of the scratcher features a basic scratching post, and has two adorable feather toys attached. The base of the tower is a soft felt material. Ellie didn’t waste any time claiming the tower as her own. The second I moved away she began swatting at the feather toys and scratching at the top of the tower. Ellie is my more active cat, but I was extremely surprised to see that even my older cat Binx was excited to test it out. This product is absolutely perfect for people who want to give their furbabies a little extra play time without taking up a whole lot of floor space. We currently have this under a coffee table in our den, but it could easily move to any other table in our house! Such a genius design!

Order your Petlinks Table Tower Scratcher today!Untitled collage (1).jpgProduct Review


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