Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs

Doggy breath can be a serious issue in our home, so dental treats are always a must. We have been using the same brand for quite some time, however I recently stumbled upon Ora-Bone™. Ora-Bone™ is a patent pending breath freshening treat designed to fight bad breath in your dog’s mouth and gut while also cleaning the surface of their doggy teeth. Unlike competitor brands, Ora-Bone™ has a dental feature on every side of the treat. No matter where your dog chews, their teeth are getting cleaned! The center bulb cleans behind the front teeth, roof of the mouth and tongue while the ribs that wrap around the center of the bone form teeth-fitting channels that clean more effectively! The nibs that wrap around the heart-shaped opening help massage gums and scrape the tongue for fresher breath. These treats come in three sizes which includes small for dogs 5-20, medium for dogs 21-50 lbs, and large for dogs 51 lbs and more. The second I pulled the bone out of the bag, Olaf was begging at my feet. I could instantly smell the minty scent, and knew it was going to get the job done! Olaf absolutely LOVED his bone. He gnawed on it for a while which was great because he usually gobbles them up whole which defeats the entire purpose of a dental treat! These may have become our new favorite!

Buy your Ora-Bone™ Dental Treats for Dogs HEREUntitled collage (2).jpg

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