Untangled Pro Bluetooth Headphones from LilGadgets

I can’t explain to you the frustration I feel when my daughter breaks yet ANOTHER pair of headphones.  They all say “child proof” on the front of the box, and I think my daughter takes that as a challenge. I have ordered her bluetooth headphones in the past, but they were way too big for her head. These Untangled Pro bluetooth headphones from LilGadgets are exactly what my daughter needed! To start, these bluetooth headphones are made especially for kids, which means they fit her head perfectly! I can even adjust them as she grows, or if her bigger cousins want to borrow them sometime. The bluetooth feature connected quickly to our tablet, and didn’t give us any issues with lag or volume. The volume limit was perfect, and didn’t frustrate my daughter. The last volume limit headphones we had were so low that we couldn’t hear the games! This one is perfect. We can hear the game perfectly, but it doesn’t let her turn it up to a ear-drum bursting volume. Since some of my daughter’s devices are not bluetooth equipped, I love that these headphones come with a bonus detachable cord. I can use the plug when needed, then remove the cord and go back to bluetooth. This was a genius addition for sure! Overall these are some of the best headphones we have had the pleasure of testing. No more broken wires and no more replacements!

Shop all headphones on the LilGadgets website today!20190222_184015.jpg

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