Lullabuddy: Lullabies At The Touch Of A Button

If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift, look no further than Lullabuddy! Lullabuddy is a portable music player and bluetooth speaker that is pre-loaded with two hours of award-winning lullabies and love songs. That means no more complicated gadgets since it works with the push of a button. Lullabuddy’s portability makes it perfect for home, on-the-go, leaving at a grandparent’s house, or basically any place that your child might need to be soothed. The device is quite small, so it is easy to store on a shelf, in a purse, or even in a diaper bag! To use Lullabuddy, simply charge it up using the included USB cord and press the ON button! When fully charged the device will run for up to 18 hours. The controls on this device are what I like to call “grandparent friendly” because they are so easy to use! On the side of Lullabuddy, there are three switches that control the device’s actions. There is an ON/OFF switch, a SHUFFLE switch, and TIMER switch. The SHUFFLE switch shuffles the music’s playlist while the TIMER switch will make the device automatically shut off after 1 hour. What makes Lullabuddy even better is the fact that it is bluetooth enabled. Not only can users play the already installed songs, but they can connect to their media device to play some of their personal favorites! It is no wonder Lullabuddy is projected to be one of the hottest baby products on the market this year! It is a way for parents to bring peace and comfort to their child no matter where they are!

Order your Lullabuddy today!20190312_175343

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