Top Easter Basket Stuffers of 2019

Easter is only a few weeks away, and we got our hands on some of this year’s TOP Easter basket stuffers! No matter what your budget, our favorite brands have you covered! Some long-running favorites such as GAZILLION bubbles, made this year’s list along with some new obsessions like Pomsie Poos and Grumblies Miniacs!Lori Parker Eyewear (1).png

$5 & Under:PicMonkey Collage (1).jpg


GAZILLION Turbo Bubbles: Blast bubbles on the go with GAZILLION Turbo Bubbles! Hand-powered bubble blaster is perfect for all ages! Just screw in the included bubble solution bottle and crank the handle for bubble launching action. No batteries required. Includes 4 oz. “top secret” GAZILLION Premium Bubble Solution. 

Mash’Ems Wear’Ems: Hot new wearable collectibles! Kids can make their own unique fashion statement & collect with friends! Each jewelry box comes with two super stretchy adorable characters – one that can be seen and one that’s a surprise! Can be worn as rings, hair ties, or they can decorate pencil boxes, backpacks or anything.  

Crayola Slyme: Ooey, gooey, translucent and so much fun! Crayola Slyme comes in Crayola signature colors and cute plastic tubs that look like crayons. Available in tubs, 3 pack and 6-packs.

Mash’Ems Harry Potter & Captain Marvel: Fans of Harry Potter and Captain Marvel can now collect their favorite characters! Harry Potter Mash’Ems have 6 unique characters including Harry Potter and Dumbledore. Captain Marvel Mash’Ems have 4 unique characters in blind capsules, including Captain Marvel and Talos! 

Pomsie Poos: Pomsies are now in miniature size! Pomsie Poos are ultra-cute, smaller-sized Pomsies plush without the electronics features but still have the long wrap-around tail to take and wear any where. A heart-shaped clasp also attaches to backpacks, clothing and more -– it’s the perfect accessory! Collect all 12 adorable animal characters, including cats, dogs, pandas, foxes, koalas, bats, raccoons and more. 

Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs: Introducing Crayola Dough Eggs! These palm-sized eggs are jam-packed for hours of creative fun. Each colorful Crayola Dough egg includes 1 Dough Pack and 1 Shape Cutter, but you don’t know which color you receive until you crack open your egg! Available in 6 different colors.

Grumblies Miniacs: Take your Grumblies everywhere you go with the new Grumblies Miniacs – miniature versions of the popular Grumblies characters. Just as grumpy as the bigger version with highly detailed, lively facial expressions and colorful, shapeable hair. Miniacs can be thrown on the end of your pencils, in your backpack or displayed on your shelf with packaging that gives you the ability to stack and display. Collect all 12 different styles that come in individual blind packs. 

Aqua Squisheez: Aqua Squisheez represents a totally new concept in squishy and grow products. Filled with a material that expands in water, Aqua Squisheez will inflate five times their original size in 10-15 minutes after emerging in water. Once inflated they become super soft and squishy, and will not dry out or shrink! Lots of fun to watch grow, and even more fun to squish and play with!

Under $10:PicMonkey Collage (5).jpg

GAZILLION Mini-Hurricane: The coolest 2-in-1-bubble machine and hand-held blaster this season! Creates the awesome bubble-blowing power of the Hurricane in the palm of your hand! Simply pour the solution into the reservoir and press the button to create a storm of colorful bubbles! Includes a 4 oz. bottle of GAZILLION. Premium Bubbles solution. 

ZooBalloosSquishy, everlasting balloon-animal figures that never deflate! Each balloon-shaped capsule contains a blind-packed ZooBalloos figure, stickers, and a surprise Bopaballoo self-inflating balloon Just set the Bopaballoo on a hard surface, bop it with your fist, shake it up, watch it inflate! It will pop out of its wrapper with a sprinkle of confetti.

Hairdorables Pets: The newest members of the Hairdorables #SQUAD are just about the cutest fur- friends you’ve ever seen! Lovable, loyal, and with lots of “Big Hair Don’t Care” style, the Hairdorables Pets express their unique personalities! Pull, peel, and reveal 8 surprises inside – each pet comes with unique accessories, stickers, and even their own brush, so kids can style their pet’s hair!

Smash Crashers: Crash the truck, unbox the stuff – Smash Crashers are vehicles with a collectible twist! When the trucks crash, two mystery crates pop out containing surprise collectibles hidden inside! Each truck contains two hidden collectibles and one bonus collectible for a total of three collectibles in every package!


Under $15:PicMonkey Collage (4).jpg

GAZILLION Battle Blaster: Blast bubbles up to 10 feet! Simply screw the included solution bottle into the blaster base, pull the trigger to start the flow of bubbles and blast into bubble fun! Includes a 4 oz. bottle of GAZILLION Premium Bubbles solution. 

Pomsies: New versions of the best-selling interactive plush pets with wrap-around tails are here! Pomsies are interactive with two modes of play – Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode. Pomsies can have up to 50 different reactions with different colored light-up eyes and cute sounds. Pet the three touch points on their head, nose and mouth to nurture your Pomsies!  . 

Floof Zoo Babies: Floof is the super soft compound allows you to play without limits with the all-new Zoo Babies play set! Mold your favorite jungle animals! Comes complete with Floof, a special cat track roller and three 3-D animal molds. All packed inside a convenient storage bucket.

Hairdorables Collectibles: The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes are back for Series 2, now with ALL NEW styles, NEW Color Reveal, and NEW ‘dos for the new year – including buns, bangs and braids! Just pull, peel, and reveal 11 SURPRISES that unwrap the personality and passion of the Hairdorables girl hidden inside – the fashions, hairstyles and accessories all show her unique style and talent! 

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