12 Can Retro Personal Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance

While planning our next trip to Disney, I stumbled upon the most genius product: the personal mini fridge from Uber Appliance! This personal sized mini fridge is able to hold up to 12 12-ounce cans and/or a few snacks. Of course the size isn’t what caught my attention, it was the charging capabilities that blew my mind! This mini fridge comes with two plug-in cords that include a 12V car cigarette lighter and AC Home outlet. That means I can plug this fridge into my car and keep my things cool on road trips without the need for ice! Not only does it stay cool in the car, but it also has a heat option which allows users to warm up their food! Simply flip the switch on the back of the appliance to change from cooling to warming. The cooling capacity is around 40ºF-45ºF while the warming capacity is 150ºF! It is very lightweight (less than 8 lbs) which makes it perfect for travel and camping. It is also perfect for a small office to keep things like lunch and coffee creamer cool and safe! I honestly can’t get over how convenient this thing is! My younger brother has even decided to order one to keep by his bed for his water and snacks! I can’t wait to take this on our 6 hour Drive to Disney in a few months! The kids can keep their juices nice and cold and easily within reach!

Order your 12 Can Retro Personal Mini Fridge on Amazon!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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