Classic Toddler Wooden Toy Chest from Little Colorado

Over the years my daughter has collected tons of toys. Even after donating a lot of them, she still had way too many. I purchased her a cheap toy box off of the internet, which unfortunately didn’t last very long. The Classic Toddler Wooden Toy Chest from Little Colorado was exactly what we needed. Little Colorado has a great collection of toy boxes and each one is uniquely handmade. The classic toddler wooden toy chest measures 30 1/2″L x 19″W x 18 3/4″H and is the perfect size for my daughter’s ever-growing collection of toys. It was available in natural, espresso, honey oak, white, linen, pink, lavender, and unfinished. We chose the white finish to match the rest of my daughter’s bedroom decor. It was a very simple design, but looked perfect next to her other furniture. I love the fact that this toy chest has a finger cut out on the front panel to avoid smashing any fingers and even has two holes cut into the side if I ever need to carry it or move it. This toy chest is extremely solid, and has held up quite nicely so far. My daughter isn’t the most delicate child, so she often slams the lid shut, however it still is in perfect condition. The quality of this product surpasses the competition, at a price much more reasonable than some character themed toy chests. This simple design will never get old, and can easily be passed down once my daughter no longer has any use for it! We absolutely love this classic toy chest, and can’t wait to try some other Little Colorado products like their adorable chairs and bookshelves!PicMonkey Image.jpg

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