Air Fort: Endless Hours Of Fun!

When I was little I remember gathering all of the blankets my mom had, attaching them to chairs, and building my own little fort. It took me a long time to build, but I can remember playing inside of my fort for hours until my mother made me pick up all of her blankets. AirFort is taking an old concept, and giving it a fresh new spin! These forts have all of the fun of traditional forts, with way less hassle! Simply hook up your AirFort to a traditional box fan, and the fort inflates in less than 30 seconds! No pillows, no sheets, and most importantly it takes very little time to clean up! PicMonkey Collage.jpgAirFort currently offers their forts in 5 different colors which includes “Beach Ball Blue”, “Mod About Gray”, “Pink & White”, “Digital Camo”, and “Jungle Camo”. Each fort inflates to 77″ wide x 50″ tall which means it can easily accommodate kids and adults of all sizes. There is also no floor on the forts, which makes it even easier for children and adults to climb in and out! There is even a viewing window for kids to see in and out, while parents can also peek in to see how the kids are playing.  AirFort is made of durable & breathable material making it a safe and worry-free alternative to screen time! 

Order your very own AirFort on their Website!

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