Mini Kids Digital Camera from Dayroom

My daughter LOVES watching me take pictures, and often asks if she can help. The only issue with that, is my camera is very expensive. After doing a little bit of research, I decided to get her one of these adorable Mini Kids Digital Camera from Dayroom. This mini kids camera works just like a regular camera, except it is targeted specifically for younger children. Both the front and back cameras are fully equipped with an 8 million pixel camera and has great smart photo-taking modes like “smile detection”, “3-burst mode” and a “10-seconds timer”. The camera itself is extremely lightweight, and comes with fun stickers for kids to customize and decorate it however they would like. The camera comes with the settings in another language, however it only took me about 10 min to switch everything over to english. Once I had it set up, my daughter was good to go! She immediately started taking images, and loved that she could see her shots on the  2-inch HD display screen! With a 32GB memory card, she can take pictures of everything without worrying about running out of space! So far she has taken pictures of her friends, her pets, and even herself! This is the perfect camera for children who want to explore photography, or who simply want to have fun like mom and dad! Such a great purchase, and way less expensive than competitor brands!


Use my code MOMMAxDR for 20% off!

Order your very own digital camera from Dayroom today!PicMonkey Image.jpg

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