Custom Guinea Pig Gear from Treasures Of Many

As most of you know we recently adopted a guinea pig which my daughter has named Ariel. It didn’t take us long to get her settled in and comfortable with our family, however we wanted to go above and beyond to make sure she was just as spoiled as our other furbabies. After doing a bit of searching, we decided to order her a cute new hideout where she could sleep comfortably, and an igloo cover to put on top of the hideout we already had. Treasures Of Many on Etsy had a great selection for us to choose from, and we ended up selecting a hershey kiss shaped house as well as an igloo cover. The custom house is about 9” diameter and 9.5” tall, which is perfect for one small animal. The shop owner, Natalie, can also make bigger sizes if needed. This house is made of custom fleece with an added absorbent layer to keep the house as dry as possible. There is also memory foam on the inside, so animals are as comfortable as possible. Natalie even goes a step further by adding a loop on the top of the house for users to hang from the cage since some animals prefer to sleep and rest off of the ground. The igloo cover is a slip that fits over a standard igloo hideout. Natalie makes both large and giant sized covers in custom designs. Since my daughter named our piggy Ariel, we decided to go with a mermaid cage theme. Natalie went out of her way to pick out a fabric that matched our theme perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with the design turnout! Not only does it match our furbaby’s cage perfectly, but Ariel is a huge fan! She cuddles into her house constantly, and I feel like she enjoys her igloo a bit more now that it isn’t completely see through. Treasures Of Many is the perfect shop for pet owners with small animals! Natalie is so gifted at her craft, and we truly enjoyed working with her.

**Side note**- Natalie also makes some super cool handmade soaps that she recently introduced to her shop! We got to test out three scents, one of which was mermaid themed! She is seriously the jack of all trades!

Visit Treasures Of Many on Etsy!BeFunky-collage (1).jpg

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