New VAVA Video Baby Monitor

If you’re looking for a new video baby monitor, then you are in luck! VAVA recently released a new video baby monitor that easily surpases any monitors that we owned in the past. Straight out of the packaging I was very impressed. Setup was very easy, as all I had to do was plug the devices in and place the camera where it needed to go! Since the camera and monitor have its own wireless connection, I didn’t have to go through any complicated steps to connect via wifi. The devices auto-paired once turned on. The monitor has a rechargeable battery which allows you to carry it around with you, however the camera has to be plugged in at all times. On one charge, the monitor can last up to 24 hours in sound mode or 10 hours in display mode.Ducks In A Row Collage 1.png

Once the devices were set up I was able to mess around with some of the monitor features such as 4x digital zoom, turning the camera, two way audio, and volume control. Other features, such as night vision, automatically shift once the lighting in the room changes. One of my favorite features is the 480-900 feet range signal! Usually if I am outside, our old device would lose signal. With this device I am able to sit outside on our deck while still keeping an eye on my sleeping daughter indoors! Sound and visual quality are excellent on this device as well. The large 5”  720P High Definition screen makes images crystal clear even when using the zoom feature. Audio and video monitoring allows me to listen out for my daughter even when the screen is off, and the auto-pilot mode allows me to get both panoramic and up-close views of my daughter’s entire room! One feature that I have never seen before, is the room temperature monitoring. I can easily see how hot or cold it is in my daughter’s room to make sure is completely comfortable.20190806_175201 (1).jpgI can’t get over how user friendly this monitor is! Even though my daughter is a bit older, it is still fantastic for peace of mind. Being able to check in on her no matter where I am in my home makes me feel safe, and my daughter loves the two-way audio. She can ask me questions without having to climb out of bed and cross the house. This VAVA baby monitor is easily one of the best cameras we have gotten the chance to try!

This new VAVA baby monitor is avaliable on Amazon

*Use code  KOLBBM11 for a special discount*

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