SmartyKat: Crinkle Unicorn

Unicorns have taken over my home! My daughter is obsessed with them, and now so is our cat! This adorable SmartyKat Crinkle Unicorn has quickly taken Ellie’s interest and it is easy to see why. This unicorn toy is filled with both silvervine and catnip which makes it more potent than catnip alone! Silvervine is a wild-growing herb found in Japan and China which has a strong natural effect on cats. Mix that in with a little catnip for the perfect blend of irresistible kitty fun! The little felt body and dangling legs on this toy easily catch Ellie’s attention and channels her hunter instinct. Since this toy makes a crackle noise every time Ellie plays with it, it keeps her entertained for hours! It is so fun watching her swat it around the house! Although not an expensive purchase, this toy is definitely a fur-favorite!

Order your SmartyKat Crinkle Unicorn HERE


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