Fun Guinea Pig Accessories from The Hoghouse


We ended up ordering a custom hay bag, a fleece igloo cover, and a large stay-open snuggle sack. The hay bag is designed to hang on the side of the cage and provide small animals with constant access to hay. These bags are about 12″ x 12″, and features two feeding windows. They also come with clips to attach to the side of the cage, which makes it super easy to take in and out for refilling. I also love how the bag is sewn with all seams on the inside to ensure nothing gets caught on any little paws. The fleece igloo cover are created to fit a standard Superpet Kaytee Large Igloo, which we already owned. The cover blocks light during the day since the igloos are fairly see through. The shop owner also offers these with the options of adding an internal pad or a bundle of fleece nesting strips. The large stay-open snuggle sack was definitely our favorite product from this shop. These sacks are made from fleece, and are designed to stay open while animals climb in and out of them. The large sacks are about 12″ x 12″, but are also offered in a smaller size. These sacks are super soft with fleece on both sides, and are great for animals that like to cuddle and hide! The hay bag and the stay open snuggle sack came in an adorable pink mermaid print which my daughter went absolutelynuts over! The igloo cover was a light blue fleece which matched our existing fleece bedding perfectly! We are 100% with our order from The Hoghouse, and can’t wait to order some more adorable pieces for our spoiled guinea pigs!

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