Upgrade Your Magic Bands with ShopEmilyG

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World any time soon or even checking out prices for future trips, you may notice that a lot of things have changed. One of the major changes, at least since I was a child, have been MagicBands. MagicBands are all-in-one devices that allow users to enter the parks, unlock their Disney hotel rooms, and even buy food and merchandise. If you’re staying on Disney property, solid color MagicBands come free with your stay. Disney recently released an option where resort guests can upgrade their solid bands for $10, but these upgraded options sell out extremely quickly! I have personally stayed up all night waiting to see if they would come back in stock. If you’re staying off Disney Property, there are tons of MagicBand options in the Disney store that you can purchase and then connect to your tickets and credit/debit cards. Basic colors are much cheaper for guests staying off-site (around $14.99 a piece), but themed bands can be anywhere from $24.99-$48.00 per band!

Since solid color bands are included in our resort stay and I finally gave up on trying to snag upgraded options, I decided to do a little creative research. I found ShopEmilyG and knew I hit the jackpot! ShopEmilyG features HUNDREDS of different MagicBand skin designs in all price ranges! There is even an option to design your own skin by sending in images and themes that you like! These skins are full wrap vinyl pieces that stick easily to solid color magic bands, instantly customizing them! When ordering from ShopEmilyG, customers have the option to choose their skin size, as well as upgraded glitter and glow options! Basic MagicBand designs include a decal for both sides of the band, plus an oval puck decal and a mouse head for the center depending on which design the customer prefers. MagicBand Glitter and MagicBand Glow options feature the same vinyl pieces, but are upgraded to have either a sparkly overlay on the entire skin or they’re printed on glow in the dark vinyl. MagicBand Glow+Glitter has both a sparkly overlay AND is printed on glow in the dark vinyl. Some listed skins are not eligible for these upgrades, however most that I have checked out have all options listed. MagicBand decals from ShopEmilyG are universal, and fit both adult and child sizes. The vinyl only covers the colored portion of the MagicBand, making it perfect for customers who have to shorten their band into smaller and child sizes. ShopEmilyG also offers MagicBand decals for original MagicBands as well as new MagicBand2. Their vinyls are also designed to withstand the sun, rain, water parks, sunscreen, bug spray & all elements you may encounter in the parks!

We decided to order MagicBand Skins from ShopEmilyG that depict each of our family member’s personalities. For myself, I chose an adorable Disney Snack themed band! For my mother, we chose a Cars themed band since she is a huge Cars fan! Of course the kids got to chose their own skins, and it was no surprise that my daughter chose an adorable Disney Princess design while my nephew chose a Superhero design! All of our decals were printed on glow in the dark paper which means after spending hours out in the sun at the parks, our bands will glow when the sun goes down! I thought this was an extra special touch, seeing as Disney doesn’t have any glow in the dark options whatsoever in their MagicBand selection! So not only will my family be excited that their bands are personalized, they’ll get a bit more “fairy dust” once they realize they also glow in the dark! I have been counting down the days until our MagicBands ship out, and now I am more excited than ever!


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