Little Tikes Teeter Time Ball Pit

The new Little Tikes Teeter Time Ball Pit is definitely not your average ball pit! This new ball pit is an inflatable wheel that children ages 3-6 years old can climb in and have a rockin’ good time! The pit is completely see through with bright colorful stripes and a built-in ball pit directly in the middle! Of course my daughter Kinsley couldn’t wait to blow it up and have some fun! Without a pump, this ball pit took me about 15 minutes to fill up. Kinsley was super excited and when she realized that it rolled she couldn’t wait to jump in! She had a blast catching the balls while trying to stay balanced! The pit held her weight extremely well, and it was so much fun watching her try to stay upright. The age on this pit says 3-6 years, however this can easily fit kids a little younger with some assistance. My daughter is an average sized 5 year old and I thought she was the perfect size for it! She liked that it was more iterative than a regular ball pit. She likes regular ball pits, but this one was definitely more fun for her age. We are always so impressed with the quality of products that Little Tikes put out, and this is no exception! 

Find out where to buy the Teeter Time Ball Pit HEREPicMonkey Image.jpg




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