2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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All Ages:


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Snuggle Monster Hide & Seek Bedtime: Introduce your child to their very own snuggle monster and read them the story about how snuggle monsters are super silly creatures that hide in the closet or under your bed during the day because their eyes are made for nighttime and sunlight is like dark to them. They are afraid of the light! But at night, it is your child’s job to find them and let them know it is okay to come out and play. Each night, hide the monster somewhere in your child’s room. When it is time to go to bed,  let your child know it is time to find their snuggle monster. The boxed set features a nighttime storybook, lovable plush monster as a sleep companion and a hide-and-seek game. Available HERE

Lumenico SleepyLights: This multi-colored LED nightlight (12 colors in all!) is the perfect low light for sleeping. Comes with a remote control for children to create their own bedtime ritual. It makes a great travel night-light too. Choose Magic Unicorn, Giraffe, Tractor, Mermaid, Robot and other styles. SleepyLights also make great travel companions; with included AA batteries and USB cable, so you can take them anywhere. Available HERE!

Press & Listen Nursery Rhymes and Song Books: Cali’s books are a perfect stocking stuffer gift for your little one and is a great way to spruce up a baby holiday gift bag. There are currently 18 Sound Books to choose from such as classic nursery rhymes, modern songs like Baby Shark, seasonal music, education, and even books teaching other languages. Available HERE!

Pals Socks: Wouldn’t our planet be a nicer place to live if we could all just get along and, dare I say, even become friends? That’s the inspiration for Pals Socks. What originally started as battling mittens morphed into something much more meaningful. What if all kids could start out thinking that difference is great? That it’s awesome we don’t all match, that we don’t have the same ideas or have to look exactly alike? What if we could inspire our future global citizens to promote inclusivity and acceptance? Yes, Dragons and Unicorns can *defeet the norm* and become best friends. So can a T-Rex and Triceratops! Pals Socks also work with different organizations who have similar goals of making our daily existence happier, kinder and more peaceful. Available HERE!

Piggy Paint: For the past 10 years, Piggy Paint’s mission has been to create non-toxic, premium products. Products that are worry-free and completely safe for kids – our kids and your kids. With an ethical, eco-minded vision, our company strives to offer the safest polish on the planet. Piggy Paint is non-toxic, virtually odorless, and free of ALL harsh chemicals. Our water based nail polish dries to a hard finish that doesn’t wash or peel off – and comes in a rainbow of fun colors! Cruelty-free, Vegan, and Made in the USA! Available HERE!

Bobbi-Toads Light Up Shoes: Get creative and express yourself! You can decorate your Bobbi-Toads Light-Ups (over & over again) with Bobbi-Stickers, or leave them plain and let the lights speak for themselves! Side panel lights up in 5 white LEDs with each step, and toe cap can be customized with Bobbi-Stickers to create your own unique look! Available HERE!



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Playhut Pinkfong Baby Shark Explore4Fun: Preschoolers’ favorite viral video is now a line of fun pop-up play tents, the perfect play environment for every Baby Shark-obsessed kid! Featuring all of the most popular characters from the mega hit, including Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, and more. The Explore 4 Fun play tent features Playhut’s patented EZ Twist frame, which pops up for a quick set-up and folds down for easy storage. Can also be separated into 3 distinct structures, including 2 three foot tunnels and multiple crawl thru doors with a flap that can be rolled up and tied back. Available HERE!

Baby Banana: Made of 100% food-grade silicone, this toothbrush is perfect for brushing baby’s teeth as well as soothing sore teething gums. Its soft silicone bristles massage gums, while its easy-to-grasp wings make it easy for baby to hold and manipulate. This adorable brush not only helps baby establish good oral care habits early, it also offers an exciting variety of shapes and textures to explore. Available HERE!

Pluï® Rain Cloud: MOLUK Plui® is a charming bath toy that playfully teaches children some basic physical principles. Immerse it in water to fill up and then let it rain. The magic lies in the way you can stop the rain simply by closing the hole on top with a finger. Plui gently introduces babies and toddlers to water while stimulating their imagination and senses. Easily comes apart for cleaning and drying. Available HERE!

Disney Junior Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn Feature Plush: Fans of Disney Junior’s Minnie Mouse will love dancing and singing along with her and Penelope! Minnie wears her pink polka dot dress with rainbow belt & rainbow bow and sings the “Giddy Up Penelope” song from the show. Press Minnie’s hand to see Penelope dance, and attach Minnie’s hand to Penelope’s back and watch them walk together! Touch Penelope’s snout and she’ll neigh and walk on her own. Available HERE!

Disney Junior Hot Dog Dance Break Mickey: Kids will love singing and dancing with Mickey to a new version of the “Hot Dog Song” and joining Mickey’s fun and wacky dance! This interactive Mickey also plays a Red Light, Green Light game and Color Detective! Mickey’s ears light up to the beat, and he comes dressed in a new trendy look, featuring colorful graphics. Available HERE!


Little Kid:


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Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals AWESOME Care Bus: On Disney Junior’s hit preschool series Puppy Dog Pals, fun-loving pug brothers and best pals Bingo and Rolly love playing and exploring together! This new action-packed Bus has tons of kid-powered features and opens to reveal a play area, featuring lights and sounds, and includes a check-up and grooming station. Includes 3” poseable Bingo and Rolly figures that can ride on the bus, spin in the tub, play ball, and jump up and down in the ball pit! Available HERE!

Blume: Blume dolls mix imaginative, over-the-top hairstyles with an awesome blooming effect for a surprising toy “reveal” experience! Use the included watering can to add water onto the “seeds”, wait a few seconds, and watch as your Blume doll starts to grow—right out of her flowering pot! Each doll blooms bigger than her pot and comes with an outrageously-hip hairstyle, mix and match outfit, handbag, cute mini friend, and sticker book. Twenty-two blind-packed dolls will launch in this summer’s first collection and come in different rarities including: “adorable”, “rare”, “super rare”, and one “mystical” doll. Collect them all to mix-and-match hairstyles, outfits and accessories! No unnecessary pieces or extra trash is generated from the fun! Available HERE!

Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safes: Inspired by YouTube sensation Ryan ToysReview, unlock the unboxing fun with this large surprise-filled safe! Use the key to open the safe and discover 30+ Ryan’s World inspired surprises inside, such as articulated figures, mix & match build a characters, treasure, and more! Push and reveal, smash and surprise, decode and discover all of the amazing surprises – including a secret locked compartment that reveals the ultimate surprises! Available HERE!

Fuzzikins™ Camper Van™:  A fun craft that’s also a toy! Design your own kitty friends! Rinse and redesign as many times as you want! Design the 9.75″ camper van with the included color-in stickers and go on adventures with your cats! Customize van with color-in stickers. The van is also a carrying case! Fuzzikins™is a craft and a playset in one! These flocked (fuzzy!) animal characters are white, like blank canvases, so children can use the included washable markers to color and create their very own animal friends! Then, they can rinse them to remove the marker and redesign them once they’re dry! Each kit is full of creative fun! Available HERE!

Hairdorables Collectibles Series 3: The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes have ALL NEW fashions, and now their ‘do is up to you to color, crimp, or curl! All NEW packaging to pull, peel, and pop 11 SURPRISES inside, including 1 hair tool and exciting new themes and pop-up backgrounds (PJ Party, Outdoor Fun, and Dance
Party). Each doll is based on one of the 12 iconic girls from the Hairdorables YouTube videos, and these BFFs live up to the “Hairdorables” name with a variety of unique luxe hairstyles in vibrant colors! Collect all the new Series 3 dolls (including 2 rare and 1 ULTRA-rare)! Available HERE!

My Singing Monsters: My Singing Monsters is a beloved and critically acclaimed top-grossing game on the App Store and Google Play, with more than 80 million players worldwide! The game explores rich, intriguing worlds as players are engaged in discovery, creativity and delight by breeding and feeding Singing Monsters to build unique melodies. Each monster has its own unique sound, so players can mix and match monsters to create different melodies.  Now that game has come to life in harmonizing collectible figures! Beginning with Plant Island and some of players’ favorite monsters, PlayMonster is designing highly detailed figures that sing alone, and in sync with other collectible monsters! Plus, you can collect babies and their eggs! Available HERE!

PJ Masks PJ Seeker: Featuring lights, sounds, and a show-inspired design! Fits up to four vehicles in the detachable carrier and up to three 3” PJ Masks figures in the cabin. Spot the Nighttime Villains in the dark with the light-up searchlight – stop them in their tracks with the disk launcher, then trap them in the detachable cage! With the push of a button, release the Seeker’s cabin from the carrier for a quick pursuit of escaping villains! Features pull-out ramp and drop-down side door, and includes one 3” Catboy figure and mini Cat-Car! Available HERE!

Pomsies: New versions of Pomsies are here! Wave 4 introduces Bubbles the narwhal, Luna the unicorn, Trixie the fox, and Sherbert, Peppermint and Funfetti the trio of cats. Pomsies have wrap-around tails and are interactive with two modes of play – Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode. Pomsies can have up to 50 different reactions with different colored light-up eyes and cute sounds. Pet the three touch points on their head, nose and mouth to nurture your Pomsies! The special freeze dance mode lets you play together with your friends. Available HERE!

My Fairy Garden®Nature Cottage: The charming fairy cottage is a flowerpot that the fairy Isla moved into and made her home! Use the included soil and seeds to grow a real garden on top and along the bottom! Or leave the bottom area open and add water to make a peaceful stream! Excess water trickles down into the water barrel, and children can use the barrel to water their garden. Place the adorable bug house on top to offer shelter for sweet ladybugs, and hang the whimsical wind spinner for added decor! Open the lovely doors to go inside and play, or swing open the back of the pot to access extra fun space! There’s also a balcony on top! Children will have fun tending to their garden and playing with Isla and her tea set! Seeds and growth may vary. Available HERE!

Pomsies Lumies: Pomsies Lumies are the next generation of Pomsies, the #1 selling special feature plush but with a rainbow charged twist! The interactive unicorn-like pets can turn into any color: simply place Pomsies Lumies on an object and it will magically absorb that object’s color and shine bright! Use the color-matching mode to nurture your Pomsies Lumies (more colors means a happier pet!), coordinate your outfits, or play a number of games such as Memory and Whack-A-Mole. Pomsies Lumies will react differently depending on their mood and the colors you find—over 50 sounds and phrases! Enter into Music Mode where trendy beats and melodies are pulled out of
everyday objects through color to make your own music! Choose from 3 Pomsies Lumies characters—Sparkle Rush, Pixie Pop, and Dazzle GoGo—each as vibrant as the next with their own unique look and sound. Available HERE and HERE!

Goo on My Shoe: Watch out for the ICKY, STICKY, NASTY stuff! Each player moves their shoe game piece along the sidewalk, hoping to avoid piles of goo! Along the way, players can also place goo to try and get other players into sticky situations! The player who makes it to the fountain with the least amount of goo on their shoe wins. For 2 to 4 players. Available HERE!

Disney Junior T.O.T.S. Nursery Headquarters Playset: Inspired by the new Disney Junior series T.O.T.S. (Tiny Ones Transport Service). Cute baby animals are loved & cared for in the Nursery Headquarters until they’re ready to be delivered to their forever homes. This multi-level playset features a lights and sounds baby monitor, a curved baby slide, a kid-powered baby elevator, a cloud transport seat that brings baby to the elevator, a secret trap door, and a removable swinging basket! Take the babies for a ride in the cloud cart, put them in the bouncy seat, or feed them with the baby bottle when they get hungry. Includes 3 flocked babies featuring color changing diapers! Available HERE!

Little Tikes Teeter Time Ball Pit: Keep the good times rocking with the Little Tikes Teeter Time Ball Pit! Your little one will have a blast with rocking back and forth action or just lounging out and relaxing in this ball pit. This soft, inflatable wheel is made with see through construction, fun colorful stripes and a built-in ball pit, with 20 soft air-filled balls that ensures hours of fun! Helps promote hand-eye coordination and active play. Perfect for children ages 3-6 years, 30 to 60 lbs. Available HERE!

Orangutwang: Orangutwang is a fun, suspenseful and wild game! Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan, but watch out! At some point, he’ll be holding too much and he’ll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying…you just never know when! No batteries required; easy set up. Available on the PlayMonster Website!


Big Kid:


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Speak & Spell: One of the earliest computerized learning systems from the 70s/80s, Speak & Spell is back and just like you remember! First educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer. Now a whole new generation can enjoy this classic toy! With multiple play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun and learn at the same time! Available HERE!

K’NEX Dragon Revenge Coaster Building Set: Build, design and get ready to experience heart pounding thrills!Motorized track gives kids the power to outwit the dragon at every intense turn. Climb to the top then drop, as the car lift races through sharp turns and flips upside to escape the moving dragon. Features 584 classic size K’NEX pieces including a newly designed motor that powers both the dragon and chain-link coaster car lift. Available HERE!

Chanteur Designs Jewelry for Kids: Chanteur provides accessories for your little princess, without compromising on safety or an active child lifestyle. Crafting everyday luxuries for your child, as if they were one of their own. From necklaces to earrings, Chanteur has it all! Available HERE!

Journey Girls Dolls: Inspiring creative, imaginative, and aspirational play, Journey Girls dolls each stand 18” tall, feature beautiful rooted hair and expressive hand- painted faces, and come dressed in their own travel-inspired fashion. While each girl has her own unique style, Journey Girls are all about sharing – whether it’s something from their closet or adventures with friends! Girls will love dressing & styling their dolls for any adventure! Available HERE!

K’NEX Thrill Rides 3-In-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set:  Operate an amusement park right in your home! Set consists of 744 classic K’NEX pieces to create 3 different models, one at a time.Also included is a battery-powered motor that gives life to the K’NEX pieces! This building set is one of the first K’NEX sets that was designed and built by Joel Glickman, the inventor of K’NEX. K’NEX supports the developmental growth of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness. Available HERE!


Beauty/Hair Care:


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Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device: Silk’n presents a new technique in hair removal. A technique which is revolutionary in many ways and which renders obsolete traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking and waxing. We are proud to introduce Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL™ technology which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. It is furthermore the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home and is already regarded as the gold standard. Infinitely smooth skin, without any pain or irritation, is finally at your fingertips! Available HERE and HERE!

The Pocket Palette: Simply ingenious! The Pocket Palette is a single-use, full face makeup kit for on-the-go!  Comes with mascara, lip/cheek color, and bb cream (or foundation). Never have to worry about carrying a bulky make up kit. Each makeup item is perfectly portioned so you can carry a full face of makeup anywhere you go. It is about the size of a Post-It note and is really thin too. Available HERE!

Split-Ender Pro: The Split-Ender unique patented “Hair Plate” is Specially Designed to guide the “Hair Strands” to uniformly flow in and out throughout the “Strand Guards” and safely guiding each and every hair in a straight motion, forcing them to stand straight up when reaching the “Center of the Hair Plate” while delivering only the ends into the blades to snip the tip by approximately 1/8″ to 1/4″ trimming the ends where burned, dry, damaged hair ends and split ends are more likely to be found. All this! While preserving and leaving the long, beautiful and healthy hair strands untouched. Available HERE!

RAMóNLA Rapid Wrinkle Removal Cream: An up and coming cosmetics brand that is gaining traction for developing a unique serum that replenishes the skin with the nutrients it needs to become youthful and healthy. The Rapid Wrinkle Removal Cream has 10 years of research-backed ingredients that has visible results in as early as 30 seconds. This is the perfect gift for people who care about their skin and a great addition to their skincare routine. Available HERE! Use code MOMMA19 for a 10% discount.



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INSTAX Mini Link: The mini Link is anything but shy. In fact, this little printer loves to show off some impressive printing talents, all on INSTAX mini film, thanks to its very own super social free mini Link app. By connecting via Bluetooth to your Smartphone, the mini Link closes the gap between memories and physical prints AND fun and functionality. It’ll even bring friends and family together for fast paced fun, thanks to the Match Test and Party Mode. With motion control, LED lights, print from video feature, plus numerous other creative modes, this little printer is something you’ll treasure forever. Available HERE!

 INSTAX Mini LiPlay: LiPlay may be the smallest hybrid instant camera incorporating both instant print and digital technologies. When it comes to having fun, LiPlay throws an almighty punch. First, there’s a whole lot to love. For starters this isn’t just an instant camera. It’s also a smart little printer, so you can print straight from your Smartphone instantly too. Then there’s the LCD screen, the sound recording setting, the ability to control the camera directly from your Smartphone via the free app, and finally some eye-catching frames and filters. Isn’t it time to unleash your playful side and make some noise? Available HERE!

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