Planning Our Disney Wardrobe with WishUponACraftShop

Disney 2020 here we come! We are finally planning our 2020 trip to Walt Disney World Florida! This trip we are taking my niece and my nephew, who have never been before. Of course I couldn’t let them miss out on the tradition of matching Disney t-shirts! Thanks to our friend Giselle over at WishUponACraftShop we were able to score some of the cutest Disney themed shirts for our trip. We will be going a total of three days and visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. I was unsure what kind of shirts I wanted, but knew I wanted something that everyone could enjoy. Giselle was able to work her magic and create us some adorable designs that were absolutely perfect!

For day one of our trip we will be at Magic Kingdom. This is the only day we couldn’t agree on matching shirts, so the kids were able to pick their own styles! Anna, the oldest (16yrs old) decided to choose a red “Never Grow Up” print. Her birthday is the week before we go, so she thought this would be a cute birthday shirt that she could continue to wear even after leaving Disney. Nathaniel (9yrs old) decided to pick a “I’m Here For The Snacks” design. That boy loves to eat, so this shirt is perfect for him! My daughter Kinsley (5yrs old) picked out a “Dinglehopper Hair Don’t Care” shirt simply because she adores The Little Mermaid! My mother and I ended up ordering  “Rocking The Disney Mom Life” and “Vacay Mode” shirts separately which is why they aren’t pictured here. However, the designs are super cute! 20191125_093338

The second day of our trip will be spent at Hollywood Studios. We all agreed that we needed a Toy Story themed shirt since we are all excited about Toy Story Land! None of us have been since they opened the new attractions, so this is a huge excitement for us! We all decided on “Squad Goals” shirts with images of the classic Toy Story Characters which included Woody, Buzz, Jesse, and Bullseye! I was able to get these matching shirts in everyone’s correct sizes since WishUponACraftShop offers most sizes ranging from toddler all the way to adult.


Last but not least, our last day will be spent at Animal Kingdom. We were a little stuck on which design to pick for this day, but ended up choosing a “Disney Tribe” shirt with a tribal arrow design and a classic Mickey head. I loved that this design was simple, yet adorable. They represent Animal Kingdom while also being pretty unisex so everyone could be happy. I must admit that this is my favorite shirt out of the collections we’ve ordered.20191123_123117.jpg

WishUponACraftShop was able to take my vision and run with it. All I had to do was tell her a general theme for the day, and she was able to give me a selection of images that best fit what we were looking for. Not only was her response time phenomenal, but the quality of the pieces were excellent! There was no vinyl peeling, everything was lined up correctly, and the shirts themselves were high quality. I have purchased shirts in the past that were very cheap quality and didn’t last long, however I know these will last us quite some time. I can’t wait to rock these at Disney!

Check out all of WishUponACraftShop’s creations on Etsy! 

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