Custom Disney Shirt from YourMagicTees

We are always on the lookout for catchy new Disney themed shirts, and the “You like my ears? Gee thanks, just bought it” design from YourMagicTees was too cute to pass up.  You may or may not have noticed that it plays off of a certain song that is extremely popular at the moment, so of course I knew it was going to be a huge hit! The shop owner, Christina, was extremely easy to work with! I placed my order on August 29th, and received my shipment less than two weeks later! Since I was able to completely customize the design (size, shirt color, and design color), I decided to get an adult medium in a bold red shirt with classic white lettering. Shirt sizes comes in 2t-2XL and there are over 20 color combinations currently listed. There is even an option to add a glitter overlay on the words! My shirt came exactly as pictured, and fit perfectly! I was thankful that Christina provides a sizing chart to ensure I got the perfect fit. Not only was it adorable, but the vinyl was fantastic! Cheap vinyl will often come off after one wash, however this stayed in place and looked fabulous! I always try to wash my custom shirts right away to ensure there aren’t any issues with shrinking or designs coming off. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues with that at all, and I can’t wait to wear this on our trip!

Order this shirt today OR shop all YourMagicTeesLRM_EXPORT_21948641145583_20190914_112617305.jpeg

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