Delta Children Finn 3-Piece Table and Chair Set with Storage

Storage has always been an issue when it comes to organizing my daughter’s room. I feel like all of her things take up a lot of space, and we usually don’t have a place to put them. Her art supplies are the #1 thing we have trouble keeping up with, mostly because she has so much! This Delta Children Finn 3-Piece Table and Chair Set with Storage was the perfect addition to her room. Not only does it provide an area where she can do her homework, draw, and color, but it also has a storage space in the center that is perfect for all of her crayons and markers. In the stock image, this center was filled with lego blocks. That would have been perfect for her a few years ago when she was obsessed with building things, but now all she cares about is her art. This storage desk is so versatile that we could’ve used it for both and it could have grown with her! I am so upset that I didn’t find this sooner!Not only is it the perfect size, but it was extremely easy to put together. The only pieces that required any tools were the chairs that needed to be put together. Everything else simply screwed into place. I am so impressed with the quality of this set, as with all Delta Children pieces we receive! This is definitely a piece that is made sturdy enough to grow with your child!

Purchase your Delta Children Finn 3-Piece Table and Chair Set with Storage HERE

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