DIY Gel Manicures At Home with Peppi Gel

 Depending on the type of gel, length of your nails, and gel brand that a salon uses, the average price for a gel manicure could be anywhere from from $35 to $120. Now price that at every two to three weeks, and you could be forking out a ton of money each year on stylish nails. I don’t know about you, but there is absolutely no way I can afford to treat myself to gel nails every month. I also skip out on basic nail polish since my nails always seem to chip within a few days (a working mama’s hands are never safe)! Not to mention that I have absolutely ZERO time to schedule a salon visit in between work and dealing with my daughter. I had all but given up on the idea of cute and stylish nails, when I stumbled upon Peppi Gel. Peppi Gel has a collection of at-home dip gel polishes that offers the same great quality as salon brands for half the price! For about $65 you can get a Peppi Gel Dip Powder Starter Kit, which includes one full size dipping powder (color of your choice), three liquid bottles (ready, set, & shine), one buffer block, and one instruction guide.20200123_161556

How To Use Peppi Gel:

  1. Cut nails, file, and shape to your desire. Then remove shine from nails by lightly  buffing the nails and dusting them off.
  2.  Open desired color powder and loosen powder with small stir stick
  3.  Apply liquid #1 to first finger and then dip into powder. Dip the  finger into the loose powder slowly and then tap the excess powder off of the nail.
  4.  Repeat this process for each nail and continuing with a second and third coat if desired. (In between each layer, use an old makeup brush to wipe off  excess powder)
  5.  Once you achieve the color you are looking for, apply a decent coat of liquid #2 on all 10 fingers. Allow to dry 1-2 minutes.
  6.  Once dry, use your buffer to generously smooth out nails and file if necessary to  smooth out edges.
  7.  Apply another coat of liquid #2 to both hands. Let dry  for an additional 2-3 minutes, then wipe fingers gently with a paper towel.
  8.  Apply first coat of liquid #4 to both hands quickly with 2-3 strokes each. Wipe brush on paper towel in between each finger to prevent stiffness.
  9.  Continue on to second coat taking your time for a beautiful finish.
  10.  After nails have dried for 2-3 minutes apply cuticle oil for moisture.

Seems easy enough right? Or maybe too good to be true! I ordered the Peppi Gel Starter Kit with color Peppi Pink to test it out for myself. Before this, I had absolutely no skill whatsoever so I assumed there would be a learning curve. The first two nails I did, I completely messed up and I had to soak them in acetone to remove them. However, after two tries I was able to get the rhythm down and do it perfectly! Besides the learning curve, Peppi Gel is absolutely genius! I was able to figure out my own little tips (like using a toothpick to round off my nails to create a more natural look), to make my manicure absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to play around with some new colors!

If you’re ready to try Peppi Gel, use my link HERE for $15 off of your first starter kit!


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