LIVELY: Your New Favorite Bra Brand

Some women don’t feel comfortable talking about underwear, but after trying LIVELY there was absolutely NO way I was keeping this review to myself. LIVELY is a fairly new brand created by a team with over 60 years of experience in lingerie manufacturing who strive to provide the highest quality bras and underwear on the market. I personally wear bras from a high-profile brand (no name dropping, but it probably isn’t much of a “secret” who i’m referring to), and I have worn the same style and size for most of my adult years. I have never really steered away from what I was familiar with, and as my bras would fall apart I would just keep ordering new sets. When I started seeing LIVELY ads around social media, I decided maybe it was time to try something a little different. I ordered the “All Day Deep V No-Wire” and the “No Wire Strapless”. I was extremely hesitant about ordering bras with no wire, since I have a larger bust and need the support. However, the issue with my past brand was the fact that the wire would eventually pop out and basically stab my lady-goods to death until I tossed it in the trash. I figured that if these bras could be wireless and still offer the same support as a wired bra, they’d be the solution to all of my problems.


Of course I was skeptical when my bras arrived in the mail. They looked and felt amazing, however the fact that they didn’t have a wire still made me nervous about support. Once I tried these bras on, I was amazed at how comfortable and supportive they were! I adored the fact that they weren’t overly padded because I am an already busy woman who doesn’t need any extra push-up. Of course the initial fitting was fine, but wearing these all day was the true test. I decided to wear my All-Day Deep V No Wire to work which is an 8 hour shift. Much to my surprise I had absolutely no issues with support, and my girls stayed in place all day! The band around the bottom of the bra wasn’t tight, but still managed to support. It felt like I was wearing a sports bra, with less of a squish! I absolutely love the fact that the All-Day Deep V No Wire bra features j-hooks to instantly transform it from a classic bra to a racer back! It is basically two bras in one and I can adjust it to wear with everything in my closet! I could go on and on about the comfort and styling of this bra, but you won’t believe me until you try it for yourself! As far as the strapless bra goes, it features the exact same comfort and support as the classic bra. I was extremely surprised at how well it held up, and I was able to easily adjust it to ensure the perfect fit with my no back tops. Now I can see why LIVELY gets so much hype on social media! They have quickly turned into my go-to brand, and I can’t wait to see what other products they include in their line in the near future!

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