To Rent, Or Not To Rent? Using Orlando Stroller Rental for Disney Trips.

When we started planning our 2020 Walt Disney Trip one of the biggest questions we came across was whether or not we needed a stroller. My daughter, who is about to turn 6, hasn’t used a stroller in years. However, I know Disney requires an ungodly amount of walking that I personally didn’t think my daughter could handle. I decided that I would simply buy a stroller before our trip, however I couldn’t justify the price for a one-time use. I also couldn’t imagine packing up a stroller and fitting it into our car along with luggage for five people. I have heard of people renting strollers before, so naturally I decided to see what prices Disney had listed for their strollers online. The current stroller rental prices for Disney are $15 per day for a one day rental, or $13 per day for a multi-day rental on single strollers. Double strollers are $31 per day for a one day rental, or $27 per day for a multi-day rental. These prices are for Disney’s basic tan plastic stroller with canopy. Not exactly the ideal stroller for tired and fussy kids.

After doing a bit of research, I stumbled upon and it was exactly what I was looking for. Basically, Orlando Stroller Rentals lets you rent the stroller of your choice for the length of your trip and then return it once you are done. This means you get a nice comfortable stroller for your kids, without having to actually purchase a brand new one! They keep a ton of great stroller model options that are all Disney approved as far as size and functionality. They currently stock some Disney favorites such as the City Mini GT Double Stroller, City Mini GT Single Stroller, and the BOB Revolution Single Stroller! Strollers can be rented in advance, or picked up the day-of depending on availability.  We decided to rent the Baby Jogger Citi Mini about 60 days before our vacation to ensure that we got the size and style we were looking for. Shannon Tanner, the Orlando Stroller Rental’s owner, was more than helpful with giving us her input on which stroller would work best for us since my daughter is a bit older.

Once you arrive at your vacation destination (in our case, this was Disney’s Art of Animation Hotel), you have three options to pick up the stroller you chose to rent.  You can either drive to the Orlando Stroller Rental Store, meet an Orlando Stroller Rental driver at your hotel, or your stroller can be left for you at non-Disney resort bell services. Bell service option is not available for guests staying at Disney hotels due to a new Disney policy. We planned to arrived at our hotel around 4:30 pm, so we chose to have our stroller rental dropped off to us by an Orlando Stroller Rental driver. The driver kept in touch via text message, and then called when he was at the resort so that I could meet him. The transition went extremely smoothly and took less than five minutes. Our stroller rental came with a rain cover, as well as a name tag with our name on it. The stroller itself was also in AMAZING condition. I was worried about getting something dirty and worn down, but I was surprised at how clean everything actually was! During our stay, I used the rented stroller every day. The day before we departed, I confirmed our pickup confirmation at 6:30am (my time choice). The morning of our departure, the Orlando Stroller Rentals pickup person was at our resort bright and early! It felt so nice to give the stroller back and not have to stress about fitting it in our car with our other luggage! We ended up leaving with MORE than we came with due to souvenirs and things we accumulated over our week stay, so there was absolutely NO WAY a stroller could’ve made it back home with us. Renting a stroller was 100% the best option for our family! I can’t praise the company and their professionalism enough! They went above and beyond to ensure everything met my expectations!

Learn more about Orlando Stroller Rentals, see their stroller options, and book reservations HERE

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