Celebrate Easter with Yolkies Surprise Eggs

Easter is right around the corner, and we have the CUTEST little eggs to stuff in your Easter baskets! Yolkies are combining the latest trends by putting edible slime and collectible toys inside of a surprise egg! These are the perfect combinations for kids of all ages to enjoy! Simply “crack” open the egg and discover which awesome combination you will get! These are going to be a huge hit, so snag them while you can!


Foodie Surprise Candy Slime Egg: Open up the egg to find which edible candy slime and fun mix-ins you received! Each blind purchase comes with flavored slime and candy mix ins. Slime is available in flavors such as Yellow Orange, Pink Cotton, Red Strawberry, Green Apple, Purple Blueberry and Clear Fruity. Mix-ins include edible glitter, star candy, crunchy candy and more. (Available at Amazon and Walmart, $2.99, Ages 6+)

Foodie Surprise Yolkies: Crack open the egg to find edible, candy slime (mimicking a raw egg; clear slime with a gummy candy yolk). Unscrew the bottom compartment of the egg to find your Yolkie collectible! Each original Yolkie character comes in a food themed costume which is interchangeable with the other Yolkie characters. 12 in total to collect! (Available at Amazon and Target, $4.99, Ages 6+)

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