CurliGirls Hair Styling Party

Kinsley and I were chosen to host a CurliGirls Hair Styling Party! Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we weren’t able to have the party we wanted! We still had an absolute blast with our CurliGirls toys! CurliGirls are a collection of super sassy dolls each with unique personalities. You can customize their looks by pulling their hair to curl it (the longer you pull, the tighter the curl) or straightening it by putting it into water. The styling possibilities are endless!

There are currently three CurliGirls to choose from which inclues Charli, Baylie, and Hayli. Charli is a pop star who is pretty quiet, except for when she is rocking out on stage! She’s a rebel with a heart of gold. Bayli is a birthday party girl who is the life of the party! She is super organized and loves to plan the perfect celebration with her friends! Hayli the Ballerina is always on pointe – a poised, ladylike ballerina who is all sugarplums…with just the right amount of spice!

It is no surprise that Charli the rockstar is my daughter’s favorite! Right out of the package, this CurliGirl was ready to rock! After a bit of a learning curve, my daughter was able to get Charli’s hair exactly how she wanted it! Getting the perfect curl may take a few tries, but it was definitely fun! Kinsley also loved that each doll came with her own hair accessories to personalize each look!

Each CurliGirls also comes with their own “curling iron” which my daughter loved, however I personally found it easier to pull each hair with my hands. Either way, it was extremely fun to see the styles we could come up with! CurliGirls is such a cute and interactive brand that truly kept my daughter occupied for hours! Be sure to snag your own CurliGirls at Walmart, and coming soon to Target and Amazon!


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