Wubble Rumblers

Are your kids looking to burn off some extra energy? Check out the new Wubble Rumblers! These gigantic three feet tall blow-up dolls are absolutely perfect for play fighting! There are some super cool designs to chose from including WWE® Superstars and Avengers characters! Of course my 7 year old absolutely LOVED the Spiderman and couldn’t wait to bust it out of the box! Each rumbler comes with its very own blow up tool to help inflate it, and takes less than 2 minutes to fully inflate. Once they’re inflated the fun begins instantly! The super squishy and elastic plastic makes Rumblers much more durable than a typical inflatable. This means a few karate chops aren’t going to bust it very easily! These are created by the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, so durability is something they’re extremely familiar with! My daughter spent HOURS playing with her Spiderman until she eventually wore herself and officially had to declare victory! We can’t wait to try out the other rumblers to see who is our favorite!


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