Entertain Kids With These New Robotic Toys

If you’re looking for some great new Robotic Toys to keep your children entertained, look no further! We just received three new Robotic Toys that we are extremely excited to review. They include All Pro Passer, Spybots Roboear, and Spybots Super Bright Tracking Light. All three Toys arrived to us in excellent condition, so we couldn’t wait to bust them open and give them a try!

First up is the All Pro Passer. This is a Robotic football toy that is programed to throw a perfect spiral every time. It has 9 different passing zones, and launches footballs over 25 yards! The packaging may be small, but it makes for the most accurate quarterback on earth! This toy worked perfectly and the kids were obsessed with it. Watching them chase the ball was so much fun! I’m not good at football, so this toy was perfect for us.

Next up is the Spybots Roboear. This is a Robotic listening device. Simply position Roboear anywhere you’d like, and the backpack becomes your very own listening device. This robot allows you to listen to conversations up to 100 feet away! This robot was super funny to use. I was able to spy on my kids in the room and they were trying to whisper! They thought it was super funny!

Last but not least, Spybots Super Bright Tracking Light. This robot is a 24/7 security guard. With a built in motion sensor, anytime the robot detects movement he turns on his LED light and wheels around searching for trespassers. This robot was the easiest to use. At first we had trouble setting it up, but after we figured it out, it worked like a charm! The light is super bright and the robot wanders around looking for an intruder.

All three robots worked perfectly and were lots of fun for the kids. These are great for older kids,as I think they would be too complicated for younger kids to understand. My eight year old was able to work them perfectly without adult help. I would definitely suggest these toys for kids interested in robots and/or STEM.


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