Planning a Lilo & Stitch Party

This year, my daughter Kinsley is turning 9! Of course, she chose to have a luau themed Lilo & Stitch party! With a little help from Amazon and Etsy, we made her party dreams come true. Below you’ll find all the information on party favors, decorations, and more to throw your own Lilo & Stitch Luau.

Invitations: For invitations we used an Etsy shop called Starschaser. This was a digital download item, so we simply entered our information and had a proof sent to our inbox within 24 hours. We then took that digital download and printed copies at our local Walgreens. The entire process took less than two days, and the invitations were ready to hand out!

T-shirt: Every year we get a custom T-Shirt to match the theme of the party. This year we used an Etsy shop called LemonTeesUS. We chose a “Peace, Love, Stitch” t-shirt in size Youth Small. It came in within a week of ordering and looked exactly like we wanted it to look!

Decorations: This year most of our decorations came from Amazon. From Amazon we got tablecloths, a banner, centerpieces, goodie bags, Hawaiian leis, and ceiling ribbons. Of course with Amazon prime, everything arrived within two days. The only decoration we ordered from Etsy was our Piñata, which came from a shop called HelloPinatas. This was the only place we could find a Stitch piñata. Which took about a week to come in. We stuffed it with a candy mix from Amazon, and also ordered a piñata stick set for the kids to bust it open.

Goodie Bag Stuffers: This year we went a little overboard with goodie bag stuffers. Again, most of these stuffers came from Amazon and arrived in two days. We ordered hibiscus themed sunglasses, mini pop its, mini slime, and straws. We also ordered custom lip balms and hand sanitizers from an Etsy shop called SellingWorldRoxanna which took about 4 days to come in, as well as coloring sets from an Etsy shop called InfiniteBlissGifts which took about 5 days to come in.

Party Favors: This year for party favors we went with stitch themed crayons from SunshineCityColors. We ordered them a little late, but they arrived quickly and in time for the party so we were happy about that! We decided to go with 12 individual packages which each came with 3 stitch themed crayons. The stuffing was recycled crayon wrappers which I thought was an adorable touch! They also had “From Kinsley” tags on them which my daughter loved! These were a HUGE hit with party guests!


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