Hello Products: Toothpaste

Most leading brands of toothpaste have ingredients that I can't even pronounce. I don't feel comfortable using unnecessary ingredients to clean my family's teeth! That is why I recently switched to Hello Products toothpaste. Hello Products toothpaste is an all natural toothpaste that does not include any dyes, artificial sweeteners or preservatives! Hello also clearly lists all of their... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Kit from Roxy Grace

I was really excited for my daughter and my niece to test out this lip balm kit from Roxy Grace.  The kit contained everything we needed to create and package our very own handmade lip balms! It included white beeswax, shea butter, lecithin, caster oil, almond oil, natural flavor, and natural coloring. This kit also came with... Continue Reading →

Diaper Balm by BALM! Baby

I absolutely ADORE this diaper balm! My daughter is prone to yeast infections, so any time she gets a diaper rash I have to try and stop it in its tracks. This balm is all natural, so I feel very good about using it on my daughter's private areas. The ingredients are simple and I... Continue Reading →

Teething Rub by BALM! Baby

Since my daughter has started teething, we have went through about five different teething rubs (Orajel, Hylands, ect.). I was so happy to find this all natural teething rub! With two molars coming out, this seems to be the only thing that really helps my daughter. The ingredients are very simple (virgin olive oil, catnip, chamomile,... Continue Reading →

Hazelwood Necklace by Baltic Essentials

I have tried my fair share of teething necklaces (we love our amber necklaces), but I have never had the chance to try out a hazelwood necklace. After googling the benefits of hazelwood I found that it can help joint pains, digestion disorders, heartburn, teething, and skin issues such as eczema. It works by creating a more... Continue Reading →

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