Happitat™ Collection Now Available at Kohl’s

If you haven't heard of Happitat™ yet, be ready to fall in love! Happitat™ offers luxury home and bedding essentials at affordable prices! The minimalist design is guaranteed to satisfy everyone in your home, with a comfort like nothing you've ever felt before! I can't forget to mention that all Happitat™ products are free of harmful... Continue Reading →

SoapSox: Disney Collection

If your kids are anything like mine, getting them to bathe can be a bit of a struggle.  Getting them into the bath isn't the issue, but getting them to actually wash their bodies is like trying to bathe a cat. That is why we use SoapSox! SoapSox are 2-in-1 cuddly plush toys that you... Continue Reading →


The kids are out of school for the summer, which means lots of swimming and pool parties! Every year I get the kids new towels to bring with them to the pool, but this year I wanted to get them something different. I stumbled upon TowelTails and I knew my daughter would love them. She... Continue Reading →

Escape Into A Mystical World with Hallu

Hallu recently released an extensive line of high-quality bath and body products that have all of us going nuts! This new line features affordable products that allow users to escape into this magical world for under $5 a product! Their product themes include Unicorn, Mermaid, Gnome, and Fairy and each have several products to offer. Of... Continue Reading →

Sincerely Different

I really love finding new products that are made with natural ingredients and free of additional chemicals. Sincerely Different is a company started by two moms who wanted to provide these types of products at a reasonable price. I personally couldn't wait to get my hands on their wonderful products. Sincerely Different sent me Sweet Dreams Salve,... Continue Reading →

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