DIY Gel Manicures At Home with Peppi Gel

 Depending on the type of gel, length of your nails, and gel brand that a salon uses, the average price for a gel manicure could be anywhere from from $35 to $120. Now price that at every two to three weeks, and you could be forking out a ton of money each year on stylish... Continue Reading →

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device

We've all tried our fair share of hair removal techniques. I've plucked, waxed, threaded, and razor burned my skin raw. Unwanted hair can not only be unflattering, but it can sometimes be downright embarrassing. That is why I decided to test out the new Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device. The Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device... Continue Reading →

Microglo Microdermabrasion Kit

If you've been on the internet lately, chances are you've heard about the Microglo Microdermabrasion Kit. Like many others, I've been super curious as to how helpful this tool actually would be. I have heard a lot about microdermabrasion in general, but haven't looked into at-home devices. Microdermabrasion is basically a treatment that uses suction... Continue Reading →

Split-Ender PRO2

I know I wasn't the only person curious about the Split-Ender PRO when it hit shelves. I mean, it seriously seemed too good to be true. A device that can safely trim split ends at home without sacrificing length? Yeah, okay. After seeing reviews floating around on social media, I decided to reach out to the... Continue Reading →

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