Formula 10.0.6

Formula 10.0.6 has been one of my favorite face product brands for years. No matter what my skin concern, this brand has something that can help it fast! My teenage years I had issues with acne so I used the One Smooth Operator scrub. Now I use the Keep Your Cool for calming my irritated... Continue Reading →

SOPHi Nail Polish

It is not often that I paint my nails. Why? Because they never last. Seriously, I could paint my nails on Monday, and by Tuesday morning they're already peeling and chipped.  Washing dishes, cleaning the house, messing with the kids, and working prevent me from keeping my nails cute and stylish. SOPHi Nail polish has... Continue Reading →

Smile Brilliant

As a working mom I am always on-the-go. That means I drink several cups of coffee throughout the day to get myself through all of my meetings. On most occasions, I drink about 4-5 cups of coffee a day (sometimes more on Mondays). I also drink a good bit of red wine on the weekends, which definitely... Continue Reading →

Piggy Paint

My daughter is such a huge fan of fingernail polish, but until she learns to stop sucking her thumb I refuse to paint them. All of the toxins in nail polish surely don't need to be going into her mouth. I am so happy that I found Piggy Paint. Piggy Paint is nail polish especially... Continue Reading →

Why Red Light Therapy?

This day in age everyone is looking for a quick-fix. We put so much on and in our bodies such as serums, pills, and creams. All of those chemicals and nothing but failed results. What if I told you there really was a "quick fix" for all of your skin concerns? What if I told... Continue Reading →

Cate McNabb Cosmetics

I am no beauty blogger. I have little to no experience making YouTube tutorials or contouring videos. I am an everyday woman/mom who was seeking a great cosmetic brand that I could afford on my single mom budget. That's when I stumbled upon Cate McNabb Cosmetics. Cate McNabb Cosmetics is a natural cosmetic line that strives on... Continue Reading →


I recently noticed an advertisement for the TYME titanium hair straightener and curling iron and thought it was too good to be true. One hair tool that can both straighten my hair AND curl it?  Most of the time I leave my hair natural or straighten it, which often leaves it looking flat and lifeless. I don't usually curl my hair... Continue Reading →

Lip Balm Kit from Kiss Naturals

I absolutely LOVE doing DIY projects with my family, so this Lip Balm Kit was no exception! This kit contains everything we need to create three jars and three sticks of lip balm. I love that this kit only contains natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil, because I don't have to worry about... Continue Reading →


Glossybox is a monthly subscription box that sends out 5 beauty products a month. Prices range from $17.50 a box for a yearly subscription, and $21.00 a box for a monthly subscription. This month I received a special gift from glossybox! A surprise box with Sebastian Professional Dark Oil inside! This styling oil replenishes hair from... Continue Reading →

Lip Monthly Subscription Box

I love trying out new makeup, and I especially love trying new lipstick and lip gloss! When I heard about Lip Monthly, I just HAD to try it out! Each month Lip Monthly's experts find the best new products and send them out to us in beautifully designed little bags! You can choose from a 1 month subscription,... Continue Reading →

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