V’Enza Creations

There is nothing I love more than supporting women in their businesses, and the story behind V’Enza Creations was too relatable to pass up.  The wonderful creator of V’Enza Creations hopes to bring happiness, peace, healing, positivity and light to as many people as she can with her adorable creations. After shopping her collection, I knew... Continue Reading →

Snack & Play from Star Kids Products

Traveling with kids is never easy, especially when they are super active toddlers like my daughter. I am always looking for ways to keep my daughter, Kinsley, occupied on long trips because her iPad only keeps her busy for so long. The Snack & Play from Star Kids Products is the perfect traveling accessory for... Continue Reading →

Parking Pal

Lets face it, kids are fast. Especially when they're excited about something like shopping for new toys or going to the park. Parking Pal is a quick way to "child-proof" your car when your kids are in a parking lot. Simply place the Parking Pal on the side of your car and that's it! The bright... Continue Reading →

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