bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum

My mother has three extremely large dogs, so she has a constant issue with dog hair. No matter how often she sweeps, it seems like the dog hair always returns within seconds. The kids can't even play on the floor without being COVERED from head to toe in dog hair by the time they are done.... Continue Reading →

Sengled Pulse

We entertain in our home often, which means we are always pulling out the speakers and trying to hide all of the extra wires. When I found these Sengled Pulse speakers online, I thought they were too good to be true. A JBL® Bluetooth® speaker system built into a light bulb with no wires and... Continue Reading →

Connect+ Headphones from LilGadgets

These Connect+ wired headphones from LilGadgets are perfect for my two year old daughter! Connect+ headphones are made specifically  with children aged 2-7 in mind!  They are volume limited to 93db so I don't have to worry about her watching her movies too loud and damaging her eardrums. It also has 13db passive noise reduction, so she... Continue Reading →

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