“Best Day Ever” with Things By Cassie

What could be more perfect for celebrating the best day ever, than t-shirts that say BEST DAY EVER? When my daughter found out we were headed to Disney this year, she kept telling everyone that she couldn't wait because it would be the best day of her life. These shirts from Things By Cassie were... Continue Reading →

Matching Minnie Shirts from stitches2kitsches

There is something so special about matching shirts, especially when you're planning a GIRLS TRIP!  These matching Minnie shirts from stitches2kitsches were too cute to pass up! These custom shirts are made with adorable glitter vinyl (regular vinyl for matching Mickey shirts), on a unisex red shirt. The shop owner, Tam, was wonderful to work with!... Continue Reading →

We’re “Wild” About EnchantedEarz

As I started planning day #2 of our upcoming Walt Disney World trip, I knew we needed some cute animal themed ears for our day at Animal Kingdom. I went on the hunt for the cutest Animal Kingdom themed Minnie Mouse ears I could find, and stumbled upon EnchantedEarz. EnchantedEarz is definitely a hidden treasure when... Continue Reading →

Jill Yoga: Splatter print

Kinsley and I have found a new company to obsess over: Jill Yoga! Jill Yoga offers girls aged 2 to 14 fashionable trendy activewear for any activity, all at great prices! Anyone who knows Kinsley, knows she is all about comfort. Anyone who knows me, knows I am all about great prices! Jill Yoga makes us both happy!... Continue Reading →

Custom Designs from HeavenlyCreatedCo

I am such a sucker for custom clothing, and there is nothing I love more than supporting a small business. That is why I am excited to share my two newest pieces from HeavenlyCreatedCo! I recently ordered a "#Dancemom" shirt, as well as a custom monogrammed jacket. Much to my surprise, the owner of the shop... Continue Reading →

Feminist Apparel

Every woman from every walk of life has dealt with sexist issues. Catcalls while walking down the streets, a sexist "sandwich" joke at the office, and even a giggle from the mechanic when you bring your car into the shop to see what the issue is. All of us have dealt with it at one... Continue Reading →


THIS IS A SPONSORED POST Finding a decent pair of glasses for a reasonable price can be extremely hard. Especially when shopping for glasses online. Whether you are searching for prescription glasses, regular sunglasses, or lenses without a prescription it is extremely hard to settle on something that you are not trying on in person. Optically provides... Continue Reading →

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