Totally Awesome Unicorn Gummies and Totally Awesome Dragon Gummies

Are you on #TeamUnicorn or #TeamDragon? Decide by trying out the awesome new gummies from Bazooka Candy Brands! These gummies are really OUT OF THIS WORLD! Both bags of gummies include red strawberry, blue raspberry, purple grape, and green watermelon. They retail for $1-$2 and can be found on Amazon and Walmart. It's no surprise... Continue Reading →

Old Trapper Beef Jerky

My daughter, Kinsley, is a huge beef jerky fan. We always keep some in the house for her, and it is always her first request on road trips. The only issue we have is that not all beef jerky is created equally. There are some brands that Kinsley won't touch while others, like Old Trapper,... Continue Reading →

Edoughble: Cookie Dough Done Right

Like any other normal human being, I absolutely love cookie dough! Although I know I am not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, I sometimes do it anyway. I mean, the CDC literally JUST released a big statement saying that raw dough can contain bacteria that can cause disease. Okay CDC, stop telling us how to live... Continue Reading →

Holiday-Themed Nuts from Hampton Farms

The time is finally here. Office parties and Christmas parties galore. Everyone brings a treat, but you're tired of the same old things. Try treating your friends and family to Hampton Farms new holiday themed packaged nuts! Hampton Farms is known for their great quality, and offers a wide variety such Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle... Continue Reading →

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