Avoid Summer Brain Drain

We are in the full swing of summer and if your kids are anything like mine, summer brain drain is hitting pretty hard right now. Finding ways to keep the kids interested in learning during the summer can be hard, but with a little help from some cool brands like the ones below it can... Continue Reading →

Summer 2020 Gift Guide

Although this Summer may be a little different than ones we've had in the past, we are still excited about the release of some pretty cool toys! This year we have some great toys that can be used both inside AND outside! Under $20: Blume: Blume dolls mix imaginative, over-the-top squishy hairstyles with an awesome... Continue Reading →

Osmo: Real Play, Real Learning

A few weeks ago I made the greatest discovery: Osmo! Osmo is an award winning kit that takes hands-on learning to an entirely new level. Kids are able to use objects in the real world to interact with the digital world shown on their tablet. Since most children learn faster with hands-on projects, Osmo is... Continue Reading →

April Game Night

Kinsley and I finally got to have another game night this month, and we have some pretty cool new games to feature! We've been eyeing a few of these for quite some time, but we've never gotten a chance to get our hands on them! Hydro Strike is one that my nephew has been absolutely... Continue Reading →

Extreme Mouthguard Challenge

I have been seeing the Mouthguard game everywhere, but haven't gotten the chance to get my hands on it until now! The Extreme Mouthguard Challenge is a hilarious game that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy! The game is fairly simple to understand; Teammates and players try to guess the words/phrases while holding a mouthguard... Continue Reading →

It’s A Squirrel’s Life™ Board Game

When we heard about It's A Squirrel's Life™ from Moxy Roxy, Inc. we simply couldn't pass it up.  It's A Squirrel's Life™ was inspired by creator Randy Hecht's rescue squirrel Roxy! The object of the game is simple: complete the life cycle of a squirrel! This game comes with 1 game board, 4 squirrels, 26 tail rings, 49 acorns,... Continue Reading →

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