April Game Night

Kinsley and I finally got to have another game night this month, and we have some pretty cool new games to feature! We've been eyeing a few of these for quite some time, but we've never gotten a chance to get our hands on them! Hydro Strike is one that my nephew has been absolutely... Continue Reading →

Extreme Mouthguard Challenge

I have been seeing the Mouthguard game everywhere, but haven't gotten the chance to get my hands on it until now! The Extreme Mouthguard Challenge is a hilarious game that everyone in the family is sure to enjoy! The game is fairly simple to understand; Teammates and players try to guess the words/phrases while holding a mouthguard... Continue Reading →

It’s A Squirrel’s Life™ Board Game

When we heard about It's A Squirrel's Life™ from Moxy Roxy, Inc. we simply couldn't pass it up.  It's A Squirrel's Life™ was inspired by creator Randy Hecht's rescue squirrel Roxy! The object of the game is simple: complete the life cycle of a squirrel! This game comes with 1 game board, 4 squirrels, 26 tail rings, 49 acorns,... Continue Reading →

Top Trumps: Harry Potter

There is nothing better than a good competitive card game, especially one that can get everyone involved. That is why Top Trumps is one of my favorite go-to card games! Top Trumps come in hundreds of themes, so everyone in the family is able to play! The rules of Top Trumps are very simple.To start,... Continue Reading →

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Cars 3 was recently released (June 16, 2017) and it was described as "the best Cars movie to date"! So naturally we couldn't wait to get our hands on the new Cars 3 video game. Cars 3: Driven to Win is an all-new action-packed racing game inspired by the Disney Pixar film. There are over 20 customizable... Continue Reading →

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