FOLIGAIN®: Next Generation Hair Care

One of the things most moms don't mention about their pregnancy is their hair loss. While some women experience hair growth during pregnancy, other moms-to-be will notice their hair becoming thin and brittle during pregnancy, as well as the months directly after giving birth. This is not the only reason your hair may begin to... Continue Reading →

Adorable 4 inch Hair Bows from ClassicPreppyBaby

If you're looking for some adorable custom hair bows, look no further than ClassicPreppyBaby! We recently received an assortment of bows from this bow-tastic Etsy shop and we were over the moon! She currently offers some fun character themes like baby shark and unicorns while also offering some more classic designs like Lilly Pulitzer inspired bows and fancy plaid! Although my daughter... Continue Reading →

Split-Ender PRO2

I know I wasn't the only person curious about the Split-Ender PRO when it hit shelves. I mean, it seriously seemed too good to be true. A device that can safely trim split ends at home without sacrificing length? Yeah, okay. After seeing reviews floating around on social media, I decided to reach out to the... Continue Reading →

Franck Provost

I have been hearing a lot about the Franck Provost brand lately, so I was extremely excited to test out a few of their best sellers. One of sets I was able to try was the Keratine Miracle set which included a shampoo, a conditioner, and a leave in conditioner.  This Keratine Repair & Strength... Continue Reading →

Rock The Locks: Natural Hair Care

I can not express how excited I was to test out a new haircare brand from my daughter: Rock The Locks! From the makers of Piggy Paint, Rock The Locks is a kid-friendly hair product line that is trusted by parents around the world! All Rock The Locks products are infused with essential oils and are free from... Continue Reading →

Knot Genie: Teeny Genie

It is like an act of congress to get my daughter Kinsley's hair brushed each morning. I mean seriously, her screams can probably be heard a mile away. I try to be as gentle as possible, but she is so tender headed and her knots are always the size of quarters! The Knot Genie has... Continue Reading →

Milk+Sass: Macaron for Hair™

When I spotted these adorable little Macaron for Hair™, I knew I couldn't pass them up. The Macaron for Hair™ from Milk+Sass is a "bite-sized" detangling brush that easily smoothes out tangles while on-the-go! I ordered two macarons total; Mint Citron for myself and Raspberry for my daughter. They both came neatly packaged in a see-through container and... Continue Reading →

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