Scrub Bugs

Do you ever think about how many things our kids touch throughout the day? What about the number of germs our kids bring home? As parents we know the smart thing to do is to teach our children to wash their hands often, but did you know that may not be enough? Experts say it takes... Continue Reading →

Zollipops: The After You Eat Treat™

My daughter recently had her second dentist appointment, and unfortunatly this one didn't go as smooth as her first one. The dentist informed me that even though we brush her teeth everyday,  Kinsley had a small cavity forming on one of her front teeth. I immediately purchased some floss picks and upped her brushes to... Continue Reading →

Happy Little Bodies from Natralia

Finding good products for children with eczema can be extremely hard, which is why I am super excited to share these Happy Little Bodies products with my followers! Natralia offers three Happy Little Bodies products which include a relief cream, a body wash, and a moisturizing lotion. The relief cream works similar to a hydrocortisone cream.... Continue Reading →

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

As a mother, I want to make sure my daughter is living in the healthiest home possible. Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach allows me to see exactly how healthy my home really is. The Healthy Home Coach connects to my smartphone and constantly measures the humidity, air quality, noise level, and temperature in my home.When I first... Continue Reading →

Bottle Blasters

A Bottle Blasters cap allows you to turn an everyday bottle of water into a shower stream. Being from Louisiana, the sportsman's paradise, I knew I needed to get my hands on one of these. There are always times when my family and I are out in the woods and desperately need something to wash... Continue Reading →

Hello Products: Toothpaste

Most leading brands of toothpaste have ingredients that I can't even pronounce. I don't feel comfortable using unnecessary ingredients to clean my family's teeth! That is why I recently switched to Hello Products toothpaste. Hello Products toothpaste is an all natural toothpaste that does not include any dyes, artificial sweeteners or preservatives! Hello also clearly lists all of their... Continue Reading →

Wellements Baby Products

Since my daughter was born I have been big into finding the best all natural products. Wellements offers the most natural and effective products that can help newborns all the way into their toddler years. I was very impressed to find that none of the products from  Wellements have damaging additives, unnecessary preservatives, or harmful chemicals.... Continue Reading →

MacGill First Aid Kit

This first aid kit from MacGill has everything we could possibly need to treat minor injuries. The kit includes over 40 basic care materials and provides step by step instructions to each! Inside of the kit is an instructions sheet with basic first aid information. Each product is sorted into color coded sections to match... Continue Reading →

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