Top STEM Learning Activities

STEM learning (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is extremely important to introduce to our children as early as possible. These skills are part of our everyday lives and STEM research is constantly evolving. It is extremely important for our children to continuously expand their knowledge of these skills, which is why STEM learning toys are a... Continue Reading →

ABC Mouse

I have recently been seeing a lot of advertisement for the learning website ABCmouse. I was unsure if paying for a subscription would be worth it, or even if my daughter Kinsley would benefit from it since she is only two. I finally gave in and figured it couldn't hurt to try. ABCmouse currently offers... Continue Reading →

Raccoon Treehouse by Kids Academy

Raccoon Treehouse by Kids Academy is one of the very few apps I allow my daughter to play on her iPad.  Raccoon Treehouse has 12 interactive game boards which each contain different games such as matching, sorting, building and classification. Since this app was created by child psychologists and experienced educators, I know my daughter... Continue Reading →

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™ Game

I am currently teaching my daughter daughter, Kinsley, pattern-matching. This Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™ Game from Educational Insights was the perfect game for us! Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™is a pattern-matching game where players must spin the spinner and use the Sophie squeezer to pick up a shell with a matching pattern. The first player to collect one shell of each pattern wins!... Continue Reading →

Singapore Maths App from Kids Academy

We can all agree that math isn't one of the most fun subjects to teach children, which is why Kids Academy introduced the Singapore Maths App!  Developed by experts, this app focuses on teaching basic math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Instead of basic math lessons, Singapore Maths teaches lessons in the form... Continue Reading →

Lacing Toys from Guidecraft

Developing essential and cognitive skills like hand-eye coordination and visualization is important to enforcing at a young age. That is one of the main reasons we love these lacing toys from Guidecraft. We received the Beehive Lacing toy as well as the Count & Lace Fruit toy. The Beehive Lacing toy  is a solid rubberwood... Continue Reading →

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