Thirsty Kids™ Flip-it™ Freestyle from Nuby

Summer is finally here which means my daughter and I will be doing a lot of traveling. Summer camps, field trips, family visits and so much more keep us on the road. No matter where we go, we are sure to take our Thirsty Kids Flip-it Freestyle from Nuby along for the ride!

Traveling with Diono

As much as we wish we could avoid it, traveling with toddlers is never much fun. It can sometimes be hectic, overwhelming, and messy...and let's not forget the constant "Are We There Yet?" to top things off.  Diono wants to make traveling with our kids as easy and organized as possible, which is why they... Continue Reading →

Global Wildlife

My family and I have been dying to visit Global Wildlife for quite some time now. When we finally got the chance to attend, I just couldn't pass it up! Global Wildlife Center is largest free-roaming wildlife preserve of its kind in the country and is currently home to over 4,000 exotic and threatened animals. They... Continue Reading →

Baby Change-N-Go

The most frustrating problem parents face while on-the-go with babies, is realizing that the restaurant/store they stop at is unequipped and lacking a baby changing station. As a mom, I have changed my daughter in the back of my car, in my lap on the bathroom floor, and even on the sink. Well, now parents... Continue Reading →

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