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Thank you for your interest in Modern Mama’s Messy Life! Below you can find our most recent stats, rates, guidelines, and rules. I try to update these as often as possible, but feel free to contact me if you have any additional comments or questions!

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Guest Posts: We love sharing content from authors and believe they have a lot to offer our readers. However, we have strict guidelines that must be followed. Your post must have ORIGINAL CONTENT and must not be published elsewhere. Publishing the same article on more than one blog may result in copyright issues which Modern Mama’s Messy Life will NOT be responsible for (see disclosure page for more details). We limit the number of links and photos used in our guest posts for spam reasons. You can send us NO MORE than two photos and no more than three do-follow links. Any more than this may result in your post being rejected. Your post must contain 100-500 words.

Sponsored Posts: We love writing new and original content for our readers. Sponsored posts are a great way to spread the word about new companies, new products, fun topics, and so much more. Our sponsored posts have a 300 word minimum and always include at least 2-3 photos. We will also include up to three do-follow links of your choice. Topic of the sponsored post must be discussed and approved prior to payment. Once the post is written, you will be sent a copy for approval. One approved, the sponsored post will go live within 48 hours unless stated otherwise. You are allowed to share the post onto any social media outlet you would like or create a do-follow link to our page, however you ARE NOT allowed to copy and paste our post onto another blog/website without approval. 

Product Review/Book Review: I like to offer my followers a wide range of product reviews, therefore I am open to reviewing almost any product.  I will NOT review any adult products, weight loss supplements, or vitamins. If you are a seller and would like me to review one of your products please feel free to contact me! Blog reviews will include links to your website and/or social media (per your request). Please note that not all reviews will include original photos. I will do the best I can, however some stock photos may be used from your website. If you are not okay with this, please mention it BEFORE the product is mailed out. All reviews will be posted within 3-4 weeks of receiving the product unless stated otherwise below. The product can be shipped directly or VIA a promotional code. Kickstarter campaigns are NOT considered product reviews and would need to be advertised as a guest post or sponsored post.  

Email To Our Subscribers: We have an email subscription that is growing daily in which subscribers can be the first to know about deals, giveaways, and exciting new content. We currently send out emails at the end of each month with highlights of that month’s posts. We are now offering brands the opportunity to get their very own email sent straight to the inbox of all of our subscribers. This stand-alone email will not feature any other brands, and can include any special offers you may want to share. These emails are tracked, in which we can provide you with an open-rate as well as average number of clicks. We will not share any content or deals that we may feel is harmful or unsuitable for our audience (see disclosure page for more details).

Social Shares: Our social media presence is growing daily, so a social media share (or “shout out”) is a quick and easy way to reach our audience. Social shares consist of ONE image or ONE short video (under 3 minutes) and a description of the product and/or brand. We currently offer these shares on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. The share can include any information you would like including a brand tag, promo/discount code, or website link. All social shares comply with FTC guidelines and are noted as being paid promotions using either the Facebook Branded Tool, or #Sponsored disclosure depending on the platform requested (see disclosure page for more details)

Giveaways: Our giveaways run anywhere from 3-4 weeks depending on the item. Modern Mama’s Messy Life is NOT responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. Once the giveaway has ended and a random winner is selected (I will contact the company with the winner’s info), it is the company’s responsibility to ship out prizes. A company’s failure to fulfill prizes will result in a permanent ban from our website and all previous reviews will be removed. Giveaways will be shared VIA social media so please take the time to read over Facebook’s giveaway policy. If you are interested in hosting a giveaway or have more questions, please contact me!

*Payment is required BEFORE the post/social shares go live. NO EXCEPTIONS. You may ask to approve a copy of the post/social share before it is posted. NO REFUNDS once the post/social share has been approved and posted. Please refer to our disclosure page for more info*

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