Spider Goody Bags from The Papered Parlor

This year was my daughter's first year of school, which means we finally get to attend some adorable preschool holiday parties. First up: HALLOWEEN! There was no way I was passing up the opportunity to work with The Papered Parlor again! This year we received one of their new designs which was an adorable little... Continue Reading →

Baby Shower Necessities

Shopping for a baby shower can be difficult, especially for someone who doesn't create a registry. Finding the perfect baby shower gift can be exhausting because you never know what the parents-to-be already have! That's why I stick to some of my favorite baby shower products, and get them for almost every shower I attend. Having... Continue Reading →

Precious Moments

Growing up, Precious Moments was always a household name. My grandmother collected their figurines and I loved coloring in their color books. I was super excited when I recently stumbled upon the Precious Moments website and found their adorable plush doll collection! Of course I had to order some for my daughter Kinsley! We received... Continue Reading →

Princess All-In-One Gift Set From I See Me

My daughter is completely amazed by her princess all-in-one-gift set from I See Me. I See Me completely customizes children's books and places your child INSIDE of the story! With the princess story I was able to incorporate my child's name, skin tone, hair color, real life photo, hometown, birthday, pet name, and favorite colors.... Continue Reading →

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