Stay Prepared with Rescue Guard Kits

When preparing for an emergency, there are basic things that everyone needs to have. Everyone runs out and grabs as much water and bread as they can get their hands on, but what else are you missing? Websites like and the Red Cross suggest preparing yourself with enough items to be self-sufficient for 3... Continue Reading →

Saucer Tree Swing from Play Wild

My daughter Kinsley loves playing outside, so any time I find a cool new outdoor activity I get excited. The Play Wild website features a ton of different cool products to play with outdoors, however the 40' Saucer Tree Swing was too cool to pass up! The swing is fairly big meaning it could easily... Continue Reading →

Ear Band-It® Ultra

My daughter has had ear issues for as long as I can remember. We recently put in her second set of tubes, and learned that she has holes in both of hear eardrums. The doctor advised us to do whatever we could to avoid getting any water in her ears. We tried several different forms... Continue Reading →

BullFrog Sunscreen: Mosquito Coast®

Spring is right around the corner which means families will be spending more time outdoors. Of course more time outdoors means more exposure to things like sunburn and bug bites. Along with bug bites, especially mosquitoes, comes the risk of deadly diseases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises everyone to take precautionary measures to avoid serious... Continue Reading →

10′ Offset Patio Hanging Umbrella

There was very little assembly required with this umbrella. All I had to do was screw the steel bottom frame together, then insert the umbrella into the base. It took me less than five minutes total. The crank allowed me to easily open and close the umbrella without any issues, and it was extremely easy... Continue Reading →

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