V’Enza Creations

There is nothing I love more than supporting women in their businesses, and the story behind V’Enza Creations was too relatable to pass up.  The wonderful creator of V’Enza Creations hopes to bring happiness, peace, healing, positivity and light to as many people as she can with her adorable creations. After shopping her collection, I knew... Continue Reading →

Reija Eden Jewelry

It is not often that I wear a lot of jewelry, but I simply couldn't pass up the beautiful designs from Reija Eden Jewelry! Reija Eden Jewelry creates the most unique and inspirational handmade jewelry designs that I have ever personally seen! They are also committed to sustainability and giving back by using recycled precious metals, which is another... Continue Reading →

A Touch of Dazzle

I absolutely LOVE giving my daughter jewelry. She is finally at the age where she loves to dress up and show off all of her shiny pieces. This necklace and earring set from A Touch Of Dazzle makes a perfect addition to her collection! A Touch Of Dazzle puts each piece of children's jewelry through... Continue Reading →

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