Kiddopia: Preschool Learning Games

I find myself always downloading new games for my daughter on her tablet. She gets bored with most of them easily, and eventually they all get deleted. She currently has about 14 apps on her tablet which includes a few learning games, a coloring app, and a few role playing apps such as dress up... Continue Reading →

Q Wunder Bundle

Do you ever wish there was an app or a game that could help teach your children manners? What about patience and empathy? If so, Q Wunder is exactly what you're looking for. Q Wunder is a collection of products that reinforce valuable lessons that develop your child's social and emotional skills. The Q Wunder Bundle features all of... Continue Reading →

Kidloland App

After years of blogging I get approached by thousands of kid related apps for feature. However I am always extremely selective on which ones I accept. Kidloland was a no-brainer to me and there was no way I was going to turn it down! Kidloland offers 1000+ nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities, and games for... Continue Reading →

Planes from Sago Mini

Targeted for children 5 and under, Planes from Sago Mini is such an adorable toddler app! My daughter was able to join Harvey, Jack, Jinja, and Robin in their airplane adventures! She could choose from ten fun planes and six different habitats, so no adventure was ever the same. Since there is no rules or... Continue Reading →

Puppy Preschool from Sago Mini

Puppy Preschool from Sago Mini is an adorable way to introduce toddlers to numbers, shapes and matching! I downloaded Puppy Preschool for my two year old daughter and she has been hooked ever since! This app is recommended for ages 2-5 and features four engaging activities such as counting puppies for their bath time, matching... Continue Reading →

ABC Mouse

I have recently been seeing a lot of advertisement for the learning website ABCmouse. I was unsure if paying for a subscription would be worth it, or even if my daughter Kinsley would benefit from it since she is only two. I finally gave in and figured it couldn't hurt to try. ABCmouse currently offers... Continue Reading →

Raccoon Treehouse by Kids Academy

Raccoon Treehouse by Kids Academy is one of the very few apps I allow my daughter to play on her iPad.  Raccoon Treehouse has 12 interactive game boards which each contain different games such as matching, sorting, building and classification. Since this app was created by child psychologists and experienced educators, I know my daughter... Continue Reading →

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