Maui Meowi Manini Catnip Toys from Cat Trees

I have spend HUNDREDS of dollars on cat toys that my cat refuses to even touch. That’s why when I received these Maui Meowi Catnip Toys I figured they to were a lost cause.  After tossing them aside for the time being, I noticed my cat immediately grew interest in them. Maui Meowi Catnip Toys are packed with pure North American-grown catnip. This means no pesticides or artificial stuffing. These toys are made from cut leaves, buds, and stems. Since the catnip in these toys is sifted and not ground like other toys, nothing is released until my cat is ready to play with it.  We received a  small “cat-nip” toy,  a large “Hava Heart” toy, a large “Karrots” toy, and a large “Jake The Snake” toy.  The “Jake The Snake” toy quickly became Binx’s favorite. After a few minutes of checking them out, he was rolling around the floor and playing like i’ve never seen him playing before. These catnip toys are OBVIOUSLY a much better quality than the ones I have previously purchased from the mass-market in our area. I can’t wait to purchase him a few more! I think the “Hava-Banana” and the “Purr-Fectos” will be a great funny little gift for him next!

Purchase These Maui Meowi Catnip Toys Today!

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