Monster Jam 2018: Mercedes Benz Superdome

This year’s Monster Jam show was easily the largest Monster Jam I have ever attended. The Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans is absolutely huge and when we arrived the stadium was almost completely filled! Since there were so many people at this event, we decided to skip the souvenir stands until intermission and head straight to our seats. We had seats in section 320, row 16 which were amazing. Since the Mercedes Benz Superdome is so big, I was nervous that our seats would be too high for the kids. However, after sitting down it was easy to see that even the 600 section had no issues with their spots! Our 320 section was right front and center of the action, which was closer than we had ever been to Monster Jam before! 20180127_185935.jpg

This event showcased some trucks that my nephew wasn’t familiar with, but also a ton of classics. We recognized Bad News Travels Fast, Bounty Hunter, EarthShaker, El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, and Zombie right away. However, some unfamiliar faces like Soldier Fortune, Monster Energy, and FS1 Cleatus quickly became some of our new favorites. I was personally a little sad to see that Scooby-Doo wasn’t included in this line-up, but Soldier Fortune quickly became one of my new favorites of the night. I found that this show, since it was a much larger area, featured a lot more flips and tricks that we’ve seen in the last show. I couldn’t believe my eyes when a few of the trucks actually did 360 Flips in the air! There were even quite a few crashes and one actually caught on fire! So much action happened in this show and we were mind blown by everything going on! 1.pngDuring the show, we actually had the option to vote for our favorites as they performed. After each part of the competition ended, we could rate the performance from 1-10 using our mobile devices. Once we submitted our scores, the average was tallied up and shown on the screen. It was no surprise that Monster Energy was at the top of the leaderboard all night, as he was one of our personal favorites. I absolutely loved being involved in the voting process, and felt like the average scores were 100% accurate with what everyone around us was submitting.  asd.pngThis Monster Jam show was one of our favorites to date! Of course we snatched up some souvenirs and food on the way out of the arena, but we were so sad to leave! The Mercedes Benz Superdome was the absolute best place to host this year’s Monster Jam show! My nephew even said that this was the “BEST SHOW EVER” and couldn’t wait to tell his mom about some of his new favorite trucks. I sure hope that the next Monster Jam show that comes to town happens to be at the Mercedes Benz Superdome!

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For showtimes and ticket information, please visit the Monster Jam Website. Tickets are still available and Start at $15. You can purchase tickets and check seat availability on Ticketmaster.

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