Unicorn Themed Slime from Mythical Slyme

My daughter’s favorite things right now are unicorns and slime. So imagine her excitement when we got our hands on this new Unicorn Slime from Mythical Slyme! I try to avoid making our own slime as much as possible because finding the perfect slime recipe can be hard. We have ended up with several goopy messes and one too many rubber balls. Mythical Slyme is the perfect consistency that both kids and parents can enjoy! This slime is not sticky, and is extremely easy to clean off of hair, carpets, and counters. It can also be stretched extremely thin! My daughter enjoys the noises this slime makes when being squished back into its container, and giggles every time it makes a “popping” sound. As a mom, I love that my daughter is having fun without the added mess! We were given four tins of slime to try which included Unicorn Kiss, Unicorn Poop, Unicorn Boogers, and Unicorn Tears. As I was reading the description of each tin to my daughter, she would burst out in a fit of laughter. I must admit that they are quite funny! Of course my daughter couldn’t wait to bust these open, so she eagerly ripped open Unicorn Tears. Although she likes all four, this one has turned out to be her favorite for obvious (sparkly) reasons. Mythical Slyme sure knew what they were doing when they created and named these funny tins of slime!20180514_121955.jpg

Unicorn Tears-  There is no sadder thing than to see such a majestic and magical creature tear up. Yet we endured this agony to bring you the world’s first unicorn tear slime. (We had to park a few volunteers in front of Lifetime movies for several days with test tubes.) And what a beaut! With rainbow-colored sparkles suspended in a clear base, it’s like confetti and rainbows and liquid glass and long weekends all in one 3 oz tin. You hands will never hold a more beautiful item ever again.

Unicorn Boogers- Be jealous of the people that picked out these disco chunks of booger from unicorn Kleenex. This stuff is beautiful: soft, sticky, pliant and holographic gold. Better looking than an Olympic gold medal and twice as magical.

Unicorn Kiss- Ever experience the kiss of a unicorn? You’re missing out. Filled with magical, blush-inducing essence, a Unicorn’s kiss makes you putty in their hooves. More importantly, the heat of your skin turns this purple slime a vibrant hot pink hue. Trust us. It’s pretty magical. It’s important to point out that Unicorn Kiss also has a big shot of glittery goodness throughout. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Unicorn Poop-  It’s a well-known urban myth that unicorns poop rainbows. The truth is that unicorns fart rainbows, they do not poop them. Collected from the dung of only the finest unicorns, this slime is sprinkled with a pinch of glitter dust and pure happiness. It has the soft gleam of a pearl and the texture and color of bubblegum. Who knew poops could be so, well, magical?PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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  1. What are kids obsession with slime lately? I grew up in the Nickelodeon era we had slime but this is next level slime but interesting there is a unicorn version I would love to see mermaid!


  2. You had me at unicorn. Lol. My small one loves slime. Me not so much it tends to get stuck on things in this house. But I always end up getting her some anyway. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it too. I’m sure this would be magical for her.


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