Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise

Orbeez are such a hit in our home, so naturally an Orbeeze surprise toy would be like hitting the toy lottery to my daughter. Orbeez Wow World Surprise toys are Orbeez filled globes with a hidden toy inside. To reveal the surprise, kids need to pour water into the top of the globe and the hidden toy quickly appears. After that, kids can play with the Orbeez, play with the toy, or save everything back in the globe. We’ve never gotten our hands on these toys before, so my daughter couldn’t wait to pop hers open. She slowly poured her water into the opening and as it filled up the cute kitty-like character quickly appeared. She poured out the water and orbeez, and snatched her animal out so fast!  After playing with the beads, she put the adorable little animal back into the globe and put it on her shelf almost like a little fish tank! Not all parents are a fan of Orbeez, but I actually don’t mind them. They are easy to clean, and don’t leave a ton of mess. So this surprise toy is quickly becoming a favorite in our house. Kinsley loves the endless hours of fun, and I love the inexpensive price tag!

Orbeez Wow World Wowzer Surprise packs are available on Amazon1542762187529Product Review


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