Saving Money With Skout Deals


Shopping is by far one of my biggest weaknesses. That’s why anytime I can save a quick buck, I am all about it! I really hit the jackpot when I found Skout Deals! All I have to do is browse a category or search a keyword, and all nearby deals that fit my criteria appear! The best thing about Skout Deals, is that it is a mobile app! I don’t need to print the coupons out before I head to the store. I simply shop, pull up my app, and show it to the cashier! Skout Deals finds merchants that are nearby by using your device’s current location. This has come in super handy when I forget to check for deals ahead of time. I open the app and the shop I am in is usually right on top. There are currently over two hundred and twenty two thousand merchants in the Skout Deals database, with thousands more being added daily. That means I almost always find an awesome deal no matter where I am shopping.PicMonkey Collage.jpgMerchants in the Skout Deals database update update their deals frequently. This means that thousands of discounts, coupons, and freebies are always at my fingertip. Most deals are 25% off or more and the app automatically keeps track of my savings. After using it for a few months, I can literally watch the savings rack up! I can also bookmark deals to use later, and Skout Deals will email me when they are about to expire! Unlike other savings apps, these have a lot of my favorite brands! It is usually super hard to find deals for Target, but of course Skout Deals has seven of them just for this week! Some of their other merchants include Toys R Us, PetSmart, Zales, Victoria’s Secret, Sears, and even Pier 1 Imports! Have you ever tried to find a discount code for Victoria’s Secret? Speaking from experience, it isn’t easy! Skout Deals also has a Shopping List option. I can save an item to my shopping list and Skout Deals will notify me when a deal on that item becomes available in my area! I could go on and on about how easy and convenient Skout Deals is to use and how wide their selections are, but the surprise freebies really put this app above competitors! I mean seriously, who doesn’t loves free stuff? The more I use the app,  the greater my odds of discovering surprise freebies. So while I am saving money, I am increasing my chances of getting some goodies from my favorite stores!PicMonkey Collage

Skout Deals has already saved me a ton of time and money. There is no longer a need for multiple free coupon code apps or hunting down deals on websites, emails, flyers, and newspapers! Skout Deals is officially the best deal-finding app ever because everything is located in one place!

*Skout Deals can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or on Google Play*


16 thoughts on “Saving Money With Skout Deals

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  1. I used to shop at Victoria’s Secret years ago and it was hard to find discounts. I’m all about saving money when possible. Why not!


  2. Woo-hoo! I need a deal site like this. I had never heard of Skout Deals before, so I’m super happy I now have a go-to place for finding great money-saving offers. 🙂


  3. I’m always looking for ways to save money. I’ve just downloaded the app. I’m looking forward to the savings! Thanks!


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